The Psi Corps


Anyone at Mongoose able to elaborate a bit on The Psi Corps supplement?

There's lots of stuff I'd like to see and know about. In particular it would be nice to get some sort of background on the Telepaths of other races. I play a Minbari Telepath so my GM has let me look at the Minbari book and it was a bit disappointing in that regard.

Also I would love to see many, many new telepathic abilities. The limited number that are currently available make every Telepath pretty much the same. There are dozens of Telepathic abilities demonstrated in the series that just don't exist in the core rules. Lyta has demonstrated coercion, clairvoyance and computer empathy just for starters. The Mindshredder demonstrated an ability to duplicate the skills of a subject which seemed pretty usefull.

Anybody else spotted similar omitted abilities?

What else do you guys want to see in The Psi Corps?
Well as you say I'm eager to see races specific telepathy feats/skills since I can't imagine they function exactly as human teeps. I would prefer a larger book on telepaths at large with the largest chapter being on Psi-Corps.

As for Lyta, she was an exception to be sure, but the rules should eventually let us portray anything we saw in the show.
I agree that a book on telpaths for other races would be great. Howver, since this book is called Psi Corps, it is unlikely to include any race other than humans!
I just had a request from my GM that Psi Corps ought to contain an index. And that it should contain nothing referenced under 'the' or anyone listed by their title...
So does anyone here have one?

A short review or a couple of teasers would be nice.


[puppy dog eyes]
From: ABester@metapol/mars/psicom
To: CadrePrime#45@command/earth/psicom
Date: July 4th, 2262
Encode: Yes (Q-cipher V seed/protocol RASHOMON)
Subject: Developments on the Babylon 5 situation

By now you will have read my official report on the Babylon 5 debacle. Young Byron Gordon is dead, as is the core of his little cult. However, the situation has not been contained – most of his followers have fled B5 and the station's resident teep, Lyta Alexander (see my earlier communications, as well as Sigma file 32215/a) has become influenced by Byron's beliefs. In short, we have a problem. The recent bombings at TeepTown show that the rogue moment is now more organised and active that it has been at any time since Stephen Walter's cell was destroyed.

Still, I come to praise Byron, not to bury him. I found a bundle of documents (copies attached) in his little Jonestown in Downbelow. He stole various Corps publications and files before he left, and was annotating and 'correcting' them from his perspective as part of writing a kiss-and-tell expose of our nefarious and evil activities. It is possible that some of the escaped rogues have their own copies of this document, so we should put containment and damage control measures into place as soon as possible.

However, that is not why I'm sending these to you. We face a war on two fronts – a public battle with those who 'Remember Byron', and an internal struggle with O'Brien and the other vestiges of Clark's regime. We need to reclaim full control of the Corps for the telepaths before we can properly deal with the rogues. Byron has, in his death as a martyr, far more credibility than he did in life. Instead of trying to win minds in the training cadres directly, I propose we leak an edited version of Byron's document to the younger telepaths. They are still too awed by Mother and Father to believe in the existence of Shadow Science if we tell them, but having the information come from an 'objective' third party should swing the balance.

This much disclosure is a risk, but I am convinced that it will do more to further our efforts than any conventional move against O'Brien. We need to co-opt Byron's legacy, not fight it. He can do more for the Psi Corps as a rogue than he ever did as a Psi Cop. Mother and Father can still love their prodigal son.

Be seeing you,
dsfriii said:
Does the Psi Corp book cover the Psi War and the future Leta???

I hope not. With JMS getting back into B5 with novels and a film, getting into detail beyond the 2262 is going to be extremely risky, especially when we know that he'll dismiss the game products in favor of his own ideas (it's his baby, he can do what he wants). I'd hate to see a decent chunk of a sourcebook get tossed out in a year or so.

There's a chapter called Precognition which covers future stuff - it summarises the details of the PsiCorps trilogy, gives some notes on running the Psi War and so on, but it's only about two pages of text, all told.

No stats for uber-Lyta - that'll be in the Wheel of Fire season book. There are lots of new and expanded Psi powers, though.
Having bought my copy at GenCon, I'd have to say it's probably the best supplement yet for the game. The background and rules additions sit effortlessly together and it's a damn good read - Nice one Gareth!

The Telepath war bit takes the best approach possible - we don't know much but it gives us what we do know, and then makes suggestions for developing this for campaign play.

And there's even wriggle-room for my (personal) "naturally evolved human teeps" theory...
frobisher said:
Having bought my copy at GenCon, I'd have to say it's probably the best supplement yet for the game. The background and rules additions sit effortlessly together and it's a damn good read - Nice one Gareth!

So for those of us that are still waiting for our local Game store to get this in (took them 6 extra months to get in The Earth Alliance Fact Book...they had the nerve to ask me if I still wanted it, I had bought it online 3 months before), is there going to be any kind of Download? Teaser???

PLEASE :!: :!: :!: :?: :?: :?: