The more "Adult" aspects of RuneQuest/Glorantha...

jorganos said:
How to represent this in the game without using too cheap cliches depends strongly on your gaming group. Perhaps the Baseball comment in Meat Loaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" can be a model...

Let me sleep on it.

Has anyone ever had an adventurer have kids during a campaign?

Yup. Our groups master hunter had a child, she hunted until the last month of pregnancy, but need help carrying kills back. Then we had to find a way to keep baby quiet once we got back to hunting again. Luckily, this kid was a born hero and learned quick. One other PC fathered children on twin sisters, and had to care for all of them.

Generally, in Lunar persecuted Sartar (& later in Tarsh once we fled Sartar, and Delecti's swamp once we fled Tarsh) the survival of the familes depended entirely on a larger group, and we really had to stick together and work hard to survive. It makes gaming that much more rewarding, to have a family together and watch it grow.


I think the only RPG where we developed family life, other than the odd wife/husband, was in Pendragon which is designed for that sort of thing.

But the challenges of responsible parenting sound worth exploring.