Runequest II and Glorantha

We had hoped with this start and the game’s pedigree, that we would have a potential Traveller rival (and thus two leading games), but RuneQuest II has never been quite that – ... Glorantha is a real Marmite setting, with its devoted followers and more casual gamers who find it difficult to get into, ....

I have found that although my players liked Glorantha when we played it, many aspects of the world they simply just did not 'get'. When I made a world that gave them more opportunities to do the things that they wanted to do, they not only preferred that world to Glorantha but they keep requesting more of that world whenever we start a new game. I was very surprised when this happened. They feel that Glorantha is a fine world but it is something that they prefer to read rather than play in.

I have always felt that if Runequest had a world more open to role-playing, as opposed to just being good fiction, people would respond better. Sure, many people feel Glorantha provides good role-play, as do I, but Gloranthafiles seem to be the minority. A good example would be Greek Mythology. It is fun to read but few want to role-play in that setting probably because they feel the gods are too meddling. People want their characters to be important. No one usually wants to role-play a peasant farmer.

It took me quite a few worlds to get my players to respond to the games I ran. When I created Krimwell, they not only responded, but progressed as role-players. For the first time I was able to present to them something that 'spoke' to the ideas they had about role-playing. If Runequest had such a 'world', then I think it could change things. Of course, it is always hard to find that one 'world' that has that certain something that 'speaks' to more than just a small group. I hope Mongoose finds that world because I am interested if they do.