State of the Mongoose 2008 (Summary for Runequest)

The King

Cosmic Mongoose
The State of the Mongoose 2008 was released yesterday. For those who don't want (or don't have the time) to read it, here is the programm for Runequest for the following year(s).

RuneQuest, as a whole, is going to get a major boost from us in 2010 – but that is something we’ll save for State of the Mongoose next year!

2009 will be about setting groundwork for RuneQuest, giving us the springboard to really drive the game forward, in terms of both the core system and Glorantha.

Joining the trend restarted by Traveller in 2008, RuneQuest will be getting resized – literally – with the Pocket Deluxe edition, providing players and Games Masters with a handy and lightweight version of the rules. Perfect for the player who always seems to end up carrying a ton of books to his gaming group.

Guilds, Factions & Cults will expand the role of, well, guilds, factions and cults in the game. The organisation and mechanisms of cults will be detailed, allowing you (as a player or character) to create new cults in the world, mastering the leadership required as you guide followers to complete your goals. Tied in with RuneQuest Empires, released in December this year, you will have everything you need for high-powered campaigns where the fate of thousands, even millions, may rest on your decisions.

Gloranthan fans will be getting a steady stream of treats throughout 2009, with titles such as the Mostali, Castle of Lead, Vithela and Lairs of Glorantha. Again, gearing up for big things in the Second Age in the years to come!

Elric and Hawkmoon will continue to get love throughout 2009, though the release of Corum and the Multiverse book has been set for 2010 now, for reasons that will, by then, be obvious. We will also be returning to Lankhmar next year, with a mighty tome that will be the definitive guide to Fritz Leiber’s great setting.