The Lurking Terror of Nahab


Banded Mongoose
This seems to be an upcoming adventure in 2005. It is not yet listed on Mongoose' HP, but you can find it already at this German online-shop (for the few people who don't speak German :wink: : it's just the title, the text says essentially "not yet available"):
EricKRod said:
I just finished re-doing that adventure. I wonder how it could be listed so soon????????? :?:

Eric in Vegas

Can you give some info about the module? Region? Length? Levels?

That is, if you are allowed to talk about it before publishing...
Sorry, I can't talk about that adventure yet. No details or I get in big trouble!!!!!!!!!!! However it is written by I and Vincent Darlage if that makes you feel any better.

Also heard that there will be another Conan adventure coming out soon that isn't listed on the website!! Surprise, surpise!!!!!! :lol:

Eric in Vegas

But this way it's more fun scanning the "upcoming releases" regularly for surprises :wink:
No details eh?

Well I like the title. Any adventure with the word Lurking in the title always gets my attention! It just works if you ask me... 8)
Strom said:
No details eh?

Well I like the title. Any adventure with the word Lurking in the title always gets my attention! It just works if you ask me... 8)

Heh heh, gotta agree, Strom. Lurking is a good word. Its what bad guys do in between acts of foul darkness, when they're waiting to strike and act on their dark designs. Its how sinister people and things pass the time. They lurk. You never hear about good people or angelic creatures lurking. You never say "That Salvation Army bell ringer is lurking by the wal mart entrance." No, its the bad guys that Lurk. It brings a sense of foreboding and menace to a sentence in one short word.
The Batman Lurks in the darkness, however, and hes good. But hes a dark, obsessed, fanatical kind of good, so hes not an really an exception to this rule. No one ever said Superman was lurking, however.
Zeus said:
I'm confused. Does it make forum-lurkers evil or batman...ish?

I dunno. Have to get back to you on that one, Z.

EricKRod said:
When you guy's talk about evil, dark men lurking in the shadowed alleys; you have no idea!

:?: This is either a really funny post or a cry for help... Not sure which...But nevertheless, henceforth let it be known that I'll defer to your greater knowledge of evil, dark men lurking in shadowed alleys... :wink:
I just ordered this along with Ruins of Hyboria from Amazon. Amazon is showing the adventure "The Lurking Terror of Nahab" as being written by Vincent Darlage and Erick Rodriguez. Is this accurate? Is this the first Darlarge stand alone adventure? Looking forward to getting it and hacking some Lurking Terror! 8)
Sorry, but Vincent and I wrote the adventure first and it was decided our's was too big or complicated and not enough "hack and slash". So our adventure was scrapped and the one you see out now is the final result. When you get it you will notice on the first page, at the bottom near the credits, it say's special thanks to I and Vincent. Basically for us putting so much time into this huge adventure and then scrapping it.

Eric in Vegas
Thanks for the info Erick.

Wow - sounds like you and Vincent cooked up a heck of an adventure. Any way you can provide any details about what it was about? I don't have LTofN yet, but was it an expanded version of that adventure? Or is Nahab completely different? Was the original adventure meant to be like a extended epic adventure?
It was completely different. Nahab was a cult in Shadizar (the adventure was originally written to be in the Shadizar - City of Wickedness boxed set, but was rejected as requiring too advanced of a GM). I later rewrote the adventure and submitted it as a stand alone Shadizar adventure but was rejected on the same grounds. The adventure was then given to Eric for a rewrite. He gave it the title it now has (it was originally called the Dark Bordello, or something like that) and did a fantastic job of rewriting it.

Then it was rejected again for the same reasons (a lot of my adventures seem to get rejected on those grounds). Mongoose then decided to have it rewritten in-house. Although the title was retained, Nahab was changed from a Shadizar cult name to a Corinthian village name, and the resulting adventure (aside from the title) has absolutely nothing to do with what Eric and I wrote.

All that aside, I have a copy of the published adventure and it seems like it could be a lot of fun to play. Written by Bryan Steele, it reads well and I recommend it.

The original adventure that Vincent and I wrote was bigger than the current nahab adventure and set within the city of Shadizar. It works great if you are running a campaign within the city. If you had the Shadizar box set, you would find it very useful. However it is completely different from the "Nahab" that is currently out.

Eric in Vegas
Damn. Interesting inside info Erick and Vincent. It's important to know that hard work goes into these projects and sometimes that work is not rewarded. Maybe some day we will get the Shadizar adventure as a S & P entry or you guys can rework it with some more hack and less GM prep/skill. :lol:

Hope to see a collaborative effort from you guys someday. 8)
VincentDarlage said:
Actually you can find an adventure we collaborated on in issue 27 of Signs and Portents (roleplayer). It is called Ghost of the Deep.

Thanks Vincent - where was all the press for this adventure? I missed it somehow...thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely check it out.