The future of cross-referencing in books


Emperor Mongoose
In my copies of the Traveller CRB (Core Rule Book), I frequently put in page numbers. And sometimes, in other Mongoose Traveller books there are the occasional page number reference to the CRB. That is fine until a new update is released or... potentially... a translation.

My idea, shamelessly stolen from many other books but we'll take Bjarne Stroustrup's The C++ Programming Language 4th Edition for argument's sake, is to have numbers next to section headings. For instance, in the CRB 2016 edition, in Chapter 1, Introduction, you would see:
1.1 The Third Imperium
(some text goes here)
1.2 Players and Travellers
(some text goes here)
1.3 The Referee
(some text goes here)
1.4 Scenarios and Campaigns
(some text goes here)
1.4.1 Traveller Rule Zero
(some text goes here)