The Fifth Frontier War is Just Days Away...


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The release of the Fifth Frontier War is just days away, so it is time for Mauve Alert.

While the great fleets clash, enterprising 'trader' crews will no doubt be able to find new ways to make profits.

Here you can see a Far Trader attempting a 'rescue'...

Mark Graham_Spoils of War.jpg
"Excuse me sir, but do you have any torpedoes lying around that you aren't currently using? We'd gladly take them off your hands"
Wow. That is the ballsy-est Type A2 Marava-class EVER.
Also the stupidest.
Like 'chihuahua picking a fight with a pit bull' stupid..... :eek:
That is a really cool picture.
I assume it's a salvage ops (rescuing those poor unattended torpedoes from neglect) after a battle because a Marava has like, literally, no armour. So even floating debris poses a serious risk. You'd need to run Point Defense in Flotsam and Jetsam Mode with both turrets.

(Oh and in my opinion, bearing no (okay a little) ill will to chihuahua owners, they are stupid enough to pick a fight with a pit bull.)