The Dark Horse Conan Sourcebook

”Hope? Only fools depend on hope, serpent! But strength- strength and a good sword- are all that a man has ever needed!”

-Conan, Conan #14

Conan the Defender
[as of Issue #12]

Male Cimmerian Level 4 Barbarian/Level 1 Soldier
Hit Dice: 5d10+14 [50 hit points]
Initiative: +8 [+4 Dex; +3 Reflex]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 16; Parry 16
Damage Reduction: 4 [Leather Tunic]
Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+9
Attack: Broadsword +9 melee [1d10+6; 19-20 x2 critical; AP 7] (1)
Full Attack: Broadsword +9 melee [1d10+6; 19-20 x2 critical; AP 7]
Special Attacks: Crimson Mist; Versatility
Special Qualities: Bite Sword; Trap Sense +1; Uncanny Dodge
Saves: Fort +10 (2); Ref +8; Will +6 (3)
Abilities: Str 18; Dex 18; Con 17; Int 16; Wis 15; Cha 17
Skills: Balance +6; Bluff +9 (4); Climb +14; Craft [blacksmith] +5; Hide +8 (5); Intimidate +7 (6); Jump +9; Knowledge [arcana] +4; Knowledge [ancient history] +4; Knowledge [religion] +4; Listen +8 (5); Move Silently +8 (5); Spot +8 (5); Survival +10 (5); Swim +8
Feats: Brawl; Endurance; Fighting Madness; Power Attack; Sleep Mastery; Track
Reputations: Brave [Brythunia- 4 Cimmeria- 2, Ophir-8]; Criminal [Nemedia- 8]
Code of Honour: Barbaric

Languages Known: Aquilonian, Brythunian, Cimmerian, Hyperborean, Nemedian, Nordenheimer, Ophirean, Pictish

Equipment: Leather Tunic; Broadsword; Belt, Kilt and Sandals

(1) Conan prefers to use his Broadsword two-handed. His statistics reflect this.
(2) Conan's Endurance Feat gives him +4 to all appropriate Fortitude saving throws.
(3) Includes the effects of Conan’s Barbaric Code of Honour which also gives him an additional +3 against Corruption tests. He also receives a +2 bonus against Fear and Terror checks due to his Fearless special ability.
(4) As a Cimmerian Conan suffers a -2 racial penalty to the verbal use of this skill. He suffers no penalties for non-verbal uses of this skill such as Feinting.
(5) As a Cimmerian Conan gains a +2 bonus to these skill checks in Cold or Temperate Hill and Mountain Terrain.
(6) Conan uses the Bully verson of Intimidate which allows him to use his Strength as an ability Modifer for this skill.

Caught up in the machinations of the Bone Woman and her pet assassin Janissa, Conan finds himself embroiled in the conflict of two centuries old sorcerers- Kalanthes, priest of Ibis and the foul Stygian Thoth-Amon, Due to this meddling, Conan was hired by Kalanthes to guard him while he traveled with the Eye of Tik-Pulonga, a magical artifact coveted by his old enemy, until the priest could destroy it. Thoth-Amon was indeed interested in possessing the item and sent against them one of the most powerful horrors he could control- a shape-shifting, venomous parasitic being known as a Plague Demon. This creature nearly proved up being the end for Conan, Janissa and Kalanthes....

In their brief time together, Kalanthes taught Conan some of the knowledge of civilization- ethics, history, religion. Conan however proved to be a rather intractable student, though the barbarian did pick up a few things from his association with the priest.
Still alive and kicking. Just wondering what's been going on since I've left. I haven't had time to keep up. Still have all the notes I was using for the DH Sourcebook though I haven't upgraded to 2e myself. Is it much different?