The Dark Horse Conan Sourcebook

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[First Appearance- Conan #9]

“Fellow, I am Chief of the Inquisitorial Council of the City of Numalia. You had best tell me why you are here and if you are not the murderer, prove it.”

-Demetrio, Conan #9

Nemedian Male Level Two Noble/Level Six Scholar
Hit Dice: 2d8 + 6d6 + 16 [44 Hit Points]
Initiative: +4 [+2 Reflex; +2 Dexterity]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 16 (1); Parry 14
Damage Reduction: None
Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+7
Attack: Unarmed +8 melee finesse [1d3+1; x2 critical]
Full Attack Unarmed +8/+2 melee finesse [1d3+1; x2 critical]
Special Attacks: Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]; +1 to hit with Broadsword, Heavy Lance, Hunting Bow or War Spear
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Knowledge
(law); Sense Motive]; Knowledge is Power’ Rank
[Baron]; Title [Chief Councilor]; Wealth
Saves: Fort +4; Ref +4; Will +11 (2)
Abilities: Str 13; Dex 15; Con 14; Int 19; Wis 20; Cha 18
Skills: Bluff +11 (3); Diplomacy +18 (4)(5); Gather Information +16 (6); Intimidate +20 (3)(4); Knowledge (law) +19 (7) [see upcoming section on New Skills] ; Knowledge (local) +19 (7); Knowledge
(nobility) +16 (7); Knowledge (tactics) +8 (7); Listen +12 (8); Move Silently +8; Perform (flute) +9; Sense Motive +21 (5)(9); Spot +12 (7)
Feats: Alertness; Dodge; Investigator; Iron Will; Knowledgeable; Negotiator; Persuasive; Skill Focus [Sense Motive]; Steely Gaze
Code of Honour: Civilized
Reputation: Honest [Numalia- 30]
Leadership: 17 [8th level cohort; 85 First level, 3 Second level; 1 Third level]
Advancement: As character class [Scholar]

Equipment: Merchant class Toga , Loincloth and Sandals

(1) Includes Dodge Feat
(2) Includes Civilized Code of Honour and Iron Will Feat
(3) Includes Persuasive Feat
(4) Includes synergy bonus
(5) Includes Negotiator Feat
(6) Includes Investigator Feat
(7) Includes Knowledgeable Feat
(8) Includes Alertness Feat
(9) Includes Skill Focus

Were you to ask any citizen of Numalia to describe the paragon of honesty, they would direct you to Chief Councilor of the Inquisitorial Council, Demetrio Domicilous. A son of a powerful noble of the inner court of Nemedia, Demetrio eschewed the typical route of power such as the career of a courtier or military to pursue his own vision. Ever since he was a child, Demetrio has been obsessed with the ideal of perfect truth. This calling led him first to the universities of Nemedia and then abroad to learn from wise men and foriegn centers of learning. Upon returning from years of mysterious wanderings, Demetrio fulfilled his goal byjoining the Inquisitorial Council of Numalia. Normally a post for low ranking nobles hoping to eke a small fortune through the acts of bribery and corruption, Demetrio’s rabid adherence to honesty and the letter of the law quickly gained him a favorable opinion from the common people of Numalia, who like all Nemedians hold law abiding behavior the highest example of civic existence. Demetrio also spent countless hours turning the City Watch from a motley collection of thugs and ne’er do wells to a well organized force of legal authority though he occasionally makes use of the baser instincts of his men when needed. He also instigated the concept of the investing crimes and conducting fair trials to determine the truth of matter before him rather that simply finding the guilty the party with the least influence and collecting fines from all parties involved as most judges do. Little surprise then that he gained the Chief Councilor position with two years of joining the Council.

Anyone coming before Demetrio can expect to be treated with the strict and fair application of the law. Considering the harsh penalties and investigation procedures allowable under Nemedian law, this may not be much comfort to the witnesses and the accused. Threatening, beating even outright torture is allowable even the high Court of Justice itself. Demetrio finds such tactics personally distasteful, but will utilize them to discover the truth of any matter before him. Demetrio will often look the other way for a fellow noble’s minor discretion- but only to use the matter to force the noble to act in a more legally acceptable manner in the future, as Aztrias would have learned if he had lived.

Demetrio complete devotion to his work has the earned solid loyalty of the Numalian City Watch. As such, Demetrio’s Leadership reflects the members of the Numalia City Watch who are loyal especially to him. Both Dionus and Posthumo are counted among Demetrio’s followers. Demetrio’s cohort is the captain of theguard, Drocanius Trinthious. The Guard will die to defend him, and when faced with an enraged Conan several of them in fact did.

Adventure Idea: Any player characters involved with illegal behavior- either participating in it or working against it- will likely find themselves crossing paths with Demetrio. Players acting against Nemedian legal codes will find him an implacable enemy with influence and legal authority to cause them greatdistress within the city. Demetrio on the other hand would make a excellent ally, willing to ‘overlook’ past lacks of discretion in exchange for the party’s services. He makes an excellent spring board for future adventures. Being in charge of law enforcement of one of the largest cities of the West is a daunting task. Demetrio has a dozen major crises and hundreds of minor ones. The incident within Kallian Publico’s temple has proven to him that he lacks the ability to recognize or contain the use of sorcery used in the act of committing crimes. A party well versed in dealing with sorcerous threats may find themselves on retainer as ’special investigators’.

Adventure Idea: Demetrio’s devotion to honesty, law and order make him a prime candidate to be a secret worshipper of Asura and a lay member of that mysterious cult. His apparent lack of experience with the supernatural makes it unlikely he is a sorcerer or higher initiate himself but he may have access to resources and information the cult can provide- and be in the position to provide resources and information to other cultists. If the GM deems this to be the case, no other member of the City Watch or local nobility is aware of this or even suspect this to be true. If the PCs threaten to expose him, they will likely be silenced by the powerful sorcery of the cult before they compromise such an important asset. More discrete PCs may find themselves initiated and indoctrinated by the cult instead- willingly or no……
[First Appearance- Conan #9]

”Oh, an insolent fellow? One of these citizens with rights, eh? I’ll soon knock that out of him”

-Dionus, Conan #9

Nemedian Male Level Three Soldier
Hit points: 3d10+6 [21 Hit Points]
Initiative: +7 [+1 Reflex; +2 Dexterity; Improved Initiative]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 13; Parry 15 (1)
Damage Reduction 4 [Quilted Jerkin and Steel Cap]
Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+6
Special Attacks: Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]; Formation Combat [Skirmisher]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Intimidate; Spot]
Saves: Fort +6 (2); Ref +3; Will +1
Abilites: Str 16; Ref 14; Con 15; Int 13; Wis 11; Cha 13
Skills: Intimidate +9 (3)(4); Knowledge (law) +6; Knowledge (local) +6; Listen +6 (5); Search +7; Spot +8 (4)(5)
Feats: Alertness; Brawl; Endurance; Improved Initiative; Parry
Code of Honor: None
Reputation: Brave [Numalia- 8]
Advancement: Per character class [Soldier]

Equipment: Quilted Jerkin and Steel Cap; Bill and Dagger; uniform Tunic. Belt and Sandals

(1) Includes Parry Feat
(2) Dionus has a +4 enhancement bonus to saving throws for endurance based test as per the Endurance Feat
(3) Dionus uses the Bully option for his Intimidate skill, allowing him to use his Strength instead of Charisma modifier for skill checks.
(4) Includes Adaptability Special Ability
(5) Includes Alertness Feat

Dionus is the head Sergeant of the Numalia City Watch. He worked his way up from walking a beat in the time before Demetrio gained control of the Inquisitorial Council to the lead position any commoner can hope to hold in the watch by sheer determination, veiled threats and outright bribery rather than skill or aptitude but he does his best as he sees it and in truth there would many, many other in this position who would do far worse. Still, he tends to overly enthusiastic in his job, eager to seize the most obvious suspect with the least obvious political power and punish them for the crime. Demetrio has despairedof teaching him true art of investigation and instead often accompanies him on nightly patrols to mitigate any damage Dionus may do to the legal system of Nemedia. Dionus believes that Demetrio accompanies him out of respect for his abilities, a gentle self deception that Demetrio has wisely not corrected.

Adventure Idea: Dionus is a walking chip-on-the-shoulder. While accompanying Demetrio, the Chief Councilor will act to restrain Dionis’ enthusiasm, though he will use him or Posthumo as blunt instruments to pry information out of suspects. When on patrol alone, he will likely do all in his power to instigate a fight with any potential suspects, especially if backed up with fellow Watchmen. Anyone foolish enough to kill Dionus or his men will draw the ire of Demetrio and the rest of the Watch. He may not be loved by all his fellow Watchmen, but the code of blue extends even this far in the past- no one kills a Watchman and walks away unscathed. For all his bluster, Dionus is no coward, briefly going toe to toe with a young Conan in defense of Demetrio and his men until they all fled from the elder horror within the temple of Kallian Publico. If Dionus is encountered after the events of The God in the Bowl, he is missing his right ear as a result of this fight.
[First Appearance- Conan #9]

”Do you know who I am?”

“I do. You’re Posthumo. You gouged out a girl’s eye in the Court of Justice because she wouldn’t give information incriminating her lover.”

-Posthumo and Enaro, Conan #9

Nemedian Male Level Two Soldier
Hit Dice: 2d10+6 [16 Hit Points]
Initiative: +0
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 11; Parry 14
Damage Reduction: 4 [Quilted Jerkin and Steel Cap]
Base Attack/Grapple: +2/+5
Attack: Bill +5 melee [2d8+4; x3 critical; AP 9]
Special Attacks: Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Intimidate; Profession (Torturer)];
Saves: Fort +6 (2); Ref +0; Will +2 (1)
Abilites: Str 17; Dex 11; Con 16; Int 10; Wis 10; Cha 8
Skills: Intimidate +13 (3)(4); Profession [Torturer] +9 (4)(5) (see upcoming entry on New Skills)
Feats: Brawl; Endurance; No Honour; Skill Focus [Intimidate]
Code of Honour: No Honour
Reputation: Villain [Numalia- 10]
Adavncement: As character class [Soldier]

Equipment: Quilted Jerkin and Steel Cap; Bill; uniform Tunic, Belt and Sandals

(1) Includes No Honour Feat. Posthumo has only a +0 save against Corruption tests.
(2) Posthumo gets a +4 enhancement bonus against all saving throws for endurance based tests as per the Endurance Feat
(3) Includes Skill Focus Feat
(4) Includes Adaptability Special Ability
(5) Includes synergy bonus

Posthumo is a Sergeant of the Watch and an old school Watchmen from before Demetrio’s tenure on the Inquisitorial Council and genuinely pines for the good old days when he was allowed to fully exploit his sadistic nature for the purposes of the Nemedian Code of Law- or just to line his pockets or just the mood struck him. Now under the watchful eyes he finds himself only allowed to commit the occasional beating of the occasional reluctant witness- the eye gouging incident was from the ‘old days’. Posthumo isn’t popular with a lot of the younger members of the Watch who find him disquieting to be around. Posthumo on the other hand enjoys ‘seasoning’ new recruits with stories of the ‘bad old days’ or demonstrating the proper method of ‘questioning’ witness.

Posthumo is no braggart, nor a coward. Is unknown if he survived the events of The God in the Bowl
Nemedian Watchman

Nemedian Male Level One Soldier
Hit Dice: 1d10+1 [6 Hit Points]
Initative: +0
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 10; Parry 12
Damage Reduction: 4 [Quilted Jerkin and Steel Cap]
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+3
Attack: Bill +3 melee [2d8+3; x3 critical; AP 8] or Crossbow +1 ranged [2d6; x2 critical; AP 4; 60 foot range] or Shortsword +3 melee [1d8+2; 19-20/x2 critical; AP 3]
Special Attacks: Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Listen; Spot] (1)
Saves Fort +3 (2); Ref +0; Will +0 (1)
Abilities: Str 14; Dex 11; Con 13; Int 10; Wis 10; Cha 9
Skills: Intimidate +6 (3); Knowledge [law] +2; Knowledge [local] +2; Listen +6 (4); Search +4; Spot +6 (4)
Feats: Alertness; Brawl; Endurance
Code of Honour: None (1)
Reputation: Brave [2]
Advanement: As per character class [usually Soldier]

Equipment: Quilted Jerkin and Steel Cap; Bill or Shortsword and Crossbow; uniform Tunic, Belt and Sandals

(1) As members of a religious and civilized society, individual Watchmen may possess the Faith special ability and/or the Civilized Code of Honour. If this is the case, make the appropriate changes to the character’s profile.
(2) Nemedian Watchmen receive a +4 enhancement bonus to saving throws for endurance based tests as per the Endurance Feat
(3) Nemedian Watchmen use the Bully option for the Intimidate skill allowing them to use their Strength instead of Charisma modifier for skill checks
(4) Includes Adaptability Special Ability and Alertness Feat

Like all law enforcement agents, the Nemedian Watchman is the low paid, over worked thin line between anarchy and law. Consisting mostly of young, somewhat idealistic or opportunistic penniless men [Nemdian law prevents women from being Watchmen] who enlist for periods of eight years at a time, the Nemedian Watchman at least enjoy the general support of the law abiding Nemedian people who occasionally slip them small ’rewards’ for a job well done. A discrete and canny Watchman never need pay for a meal if they wish too- most eateries will slip them stew and bread simply to keep them around to discourage trouble. Demetrio frowns on this practice, but has made no step to curb it having bigger fish to fry.

Nemedian Watchmen can be assigned almost anywhere. The patrol public buildings, the city streets, guard public areas and the entrances to public and government buildings, serve as bailiffs and cargo inspectors and in times of war are drafted into the infantry, though seldom fielded, being regulated to garrison duty. Single Watchmen need never worry about backup- if not part of a larger patrol, then any Watchman within alarm bell or shouting distance will come to their call. Even the law abiding common citizens of Nemedia will assist a overwhelmed Watchman rather than let the forces of anarchy be triumphant.
What can I say- when the time is right all things return to fullness. Due to RL considerations I had ot stop work on Raven's Rules of Sorcery for the time being, but they may show up as part of a larger professional project in the future.....but I can still sneak in The Sourcebook and Conan and Cthulhu now and then. I am hoping to have the second half of The God in the Bowl finished next week- but no promises, okay?
[First Appearance- Conan #9]

”Oh, I knew evil would come of this!”

-Promero, Conan #9

Nemedian Male Level Four Scholar
Hit Dice: 4d6-4 [8 Hit Points]
Initiative: +2 [+1 Reflex; +1 Dexterity]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 13 (1)/ Parry 10
Damage Reduction: None
Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+2
Attack: Unarmed +4 melee finesse [1d3-1; x2 critical]
Special Attacks: None
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Knowledge (ancient history), Profession (clerk)], Knowledge Is Power
Saves: Fort +0; Ref +2; Will +2
Abilites Str 7; Dex 12; Con 8; Int 16; Wis 9; Cha 8
Skills: Appraise +12 (2); Craft (writing) +7 [See upcoming post on New Skills]; Decipher Script +12 (2); Diplomacy +8 (3); Forgery +10; Gather Information +6; Knowledge (ancient history) +14 (4)(5) [See upcoming post on ;New Skills; Knowledge (arcana) +12 (5); Knowledge (business) +12 (5); Knowledge (geography) +9 (5); Knowledge (history) +12 (5); Knowledge (religion) +10 (5); Perform (storytelling) +5 (6) [see upcoming post on New Skills]; Profession (clerk) +18 (4)(7); Sense Motive +8 (3)
Feats: Diligent; Dodge; Knowledgeable; Negotiator; Professional [see upcoming posts on New Feats]; Skill Focus [Profession (clerk)]
Code of Honour: None
Reputation: None

Equipment: Robe and Sandals

(1) Includes Dodge Feat
(2) Includes Diligent Feat
(3) Includes Negotiator Feat
(4) Includes Adaptability Special Ability
(5) Includes Knowledgeable Feat
(6) Includes synergy bonus
(7) Includes Skill Focus and Professional Feats

Promero was born the children of slaves to the father of Kallian Publico and to a life of servitude himself. No more than the property of the Publico family, he showed an aptitude for scholarship and numbers. If he been born a free Nemedian, Promero could have pursued his dream of a life of scholarship and study. The Promero family though saw in Promero’s mind little more than an method of recording and tracking their vast wealth. Seperated from his parents as a boy and placed in an academy for the purposes of training slaves, Promero slight frame, lanky hair and nervous shyness immediately placed him as the omega of the pack in regard to his other classmates. Suffering frequent beatings and verbal abuse, Promero’s only escape was in his studies and interests. He graduated near the top of his class with commendations, but his true love lay in the stories and myths within the academy’s library. His particular fascination lay with the morbid tales and myths of ancient inhuman cultures, dark magic and terrible secrets of Hyboria’s past and present. Had Promero been made of stronger stuff, had there been an opportunity to pursue this path, perhaps Promero would have fallen to the lure of sorcery and dark power. Instead, confined in body and mind, his soul instead twisted with forlorn hopes and dreams. He channeled his lost potential this emotion into his writing, becoming an author of dark fantasies and romances, which gained a small following among various lower class members of Nemedian society.

Upon graduation from the academy, Promero returned to find that Kallian Publico had succeeded to the head of the Publico family upon the death of his father. Whereas Kalian’s father had been cold and remote, kallian was capricious and cruel and the Publico household a prison filled with fear. Kallian had already dismissed Promero’s parents from his service to die penniless in the streets as he had all slaves he claimed were too old to be of use and kept the threat of dismissal over the heads of his remaining slaves. Kallian cowed, intimidated and broke each slave he owned as a child might play cruelly with his toys. Promero he took particular pleasure in. Kallian forbid Promero from writing, see every moment Promero was not engaged in work for him as an inexcusable waste. He forced Promero to begin falsifying the house’s finical records and return in investments to both illegally avoid paying taxes and defrauding investors. Kallian also began investing in illegal investments of his money ranging from prostitution, drug dealing, black marketeering, illegal slavery, arms dealing and contract murder all the while having Promero record the sordid details and immense profits In public, Kallian kept up the front of being a legitimate businessman, investing in collections of foreign art- some legally obtained, some not- donating token sums to charities and hosting elaborate parties. Promero though lived in Kallian shadows. Though Kallian had bestowed a small house upon him and life of relative comfort due to Promero’s success in keeping Kallian’s illegal activities from the eyes of the law, Kalian lived a life of solitude, burdened by the secrets he knew and the threat of discharge or worse from Kallian should he even prove to be useless or embarrassing to him.

Kallian enjoyed Promero’s moral discomofrt, often relating to the nervous scholar Kallian’s latest outrageous scheme, knowing that Promero lacked the courage to tell anyone of them. Kallian also enjoyed the looks of horror and shock on his slave’s face, growing more and more graphic with his crimes real and imagined to produce a greater and greater reaction. Kallian’s last crime was to steal what he thought was a ancient diadem from a pre-Stygian sarcophagus entrusted into his care and intended for the priest Kalanthes. Promero, much more knowledgeable to the evil nature of such things than his master, attempted to dissuade him from such an act, but as usual Kallian paid him no heed. This proved to be Kallian’s final crime as he released the evil contained within the sarcophagus. Even dead, Kallian proved the bane for his faithful slave- it was Proemro’s fate to die by the same evil later that night.
[First Appearance- Conan #10]

”You do not seem overly moved at the sight of his corpse.”

“Why should I be? Someone has only done what I dared not.”

-Demetrio and Enaro. Conan #10

Nemedian Male Level One Border/Level One Thief
Hit Dice: 1d10 + 1d8 + 4 [13 Hit Points]
Initiative: +7 [+5 Reflex; +2 Dexterity]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 13 (1); Parry 14
Damage Reduction: None
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+4
Attack: Dagger +4 melee [1d4+3; 19-20/x2 critical; AP 4] or Whip +4 melee [1d4+3 non-lethal; x2 critical; AP 0; Reach]
Full Attack: Dagger and Whip +4/+4 melee [1d4+3; 19-20/x2 critical; AP 4 and 1d4 +1 non-lethal; x2 critical; AP 0; Reach]
Special Attacks: Sneak Attack +1d6/1d8; Sneak Attack Style [whip]; Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Drive Cart, Handle Animal]; Favored Terrain +1 [Plains]; Trapfinding
Saves: Fort +4; Ref +7; Will +2
Abilities: Str 16; Dex 14; Con 15; Int 12; Wis 14; Cha 15
Skills: Drive Cart +11 (2)(3) [see upcoming post on New Skills]; Handle Animal +11 (2)(4); Hide +4 (1); Knowledge [geography] +3; Knowledge [local] +3; Listen +6 (1); Move Silently +6(1); Profession [carter] +4; Profession [farmer] +4; Profession [fence] +4; Ride +8 (3)(4); Sleight of Hand +4; Survival +6 (1);
Feats: Animal Affinity; Exotic Weapon Proficiency [Whip]; Track
Code of Honour: None
Reputation: None
Advancement: As character class

Equipment: Dagger and Whip; Merchant class Tunic, Cloak and Sandals

(1) +1 in Plains terrain as per Favoured Terrain
(2) Includes Adaptability Special Ability
(3) Includes synergy bonus
(4) Includes Animal Affinity bonus

Enaro was born the third son of poor farmers, Enaro had few prospects in his life. After toiling on his father’s farm until the age of fourteen, Enaro was conscripted into the Nemedian army during on of that nation’s many conflicts with Aquilonia. Luckily Enaro’s skill with horses and cattle qualified him for a position working the army’s supply trains rather than being posted on the battlefront where the infantry was spent like chipped coin by their noble leaders. After two years of service, Enaro was mustered out of the army and returned home to find that his family’s property had been seized by moneylenders due to uncollected debts and every other member of his family was either dead or enslaved. As the sole free member of his family, the remaining balance of the debt fell onto Enaro. Enar lacked the resources or means to repay this debt so he too was sold into slavery.

Enaro found himself sold into slavery to Kallian Publico, one of the many merchants to whom his parents had owed their debt. Enaro’s skill with horses and carts earned a position as Kalian’s charioteer, transporting the obese merchant day and night in his public and illicit meetings. Because Enaro’s duties placed him often in the public eye, Enaro recived better clothing than the majority of Kallian’s slaves. Enaro considered vengeance against Kallian but punishment for a slave that kills their master Nemedian stayed his hand. The torture and gruesome manner of death he would receive he could endure, but under Nemedian law every slave is help accountable for the murder and executed from youngest child to eldest scribe. Unwilling to cause such suffering to others, Enaro stayed his hand, slowly seething from the abuse and heartless manner of Kallian. He did gain his revenge in small methods though. Kallian had a bad head for numbers and memory and Enaro occasionally managed to slip a few coins or small valuables from Kallian’s purvey.

Enaro isn’t one to get involved in other’s conflicts, learning the art of discretion first in the military and then in Kallian’s service. Seized as a witness by Demterio in the death of Kallian Publico, Enaro remained silent and uncooperative. During the chaos of Conan’s assault, Enaro slipped out of the temple unseen. Staying to the shadows, he noticed the rout of Demetrio and the City Guard and then the departure of Conan soon after. Now free of his master’s yoke, Enaro plans on staying free.

Advancement: Enaro is likely to take to the career of either a mercenary or a thief or maybe both. Advancement in levels of Borderer, Soldier or Thief are highly appropriate if Enaro is encounter after the events of The God in the Bowl. Enaro’s generally honest nature can make him a good ally, retainer or contact for player characters. Enaro is not a coward, but neither is a fool. He is willing to take moderate risks for tangible reward, but not risk himself ‘going for the glory’. If betrayed, Enaro will not seek revenge directly, but abandon the party as quickly as possible- with a few valuables to compensate him for his time of course.

Adventure Idea: Forgotten for the most part is Conan’s original goal in the temple of Kallian Publico that night- the theft of a highly valuable Zamorian diamond goblet. Of the survivors of the hellish events of that night, only four now know of the goblet’s location: Conan, Demetrio, Dionus and Enaro. Demetrio and Dionus were badly injured by Conan and badly frightened by the child of Set within the temple and will need time to recover themselves before returning. After slaying the child of Set, Conan fled the city of Numalia intent on never returning. Enaro on the other hand is unwounded and aware of the potential profit of such an item- and the other valuables within Kallian Publico‘s temple. He is also aware that he lacks the skills required to snatch it for himself. Assuming that the player characters are the less than honourable type, Enaro might be willing to offer to cut the players into the job for a slice of profits or to simply sell the information to them for the money needed to leave town. The recovery of the goblet would make for a good low-level adventure, but the job might not be easy. Time is of the essence- Demetrio will certainly secure the temple as soon as possible and post Watchmen inside and out of the structure. As soon as he is healed, he will certainly reenter the building intent on securing the contents- including the Zamorian goblet. Dionus is certainly dishonest enough to take a few trusted men- including Posthumo if he still lives- to reenter the temple to seize the goblet for himself once he is bandaged up under the auspices of ‘securing’ the temple. Other thieves, though ignorant of the location of the goblet, will likely make their own play for the other contents of the temple. And who is to say the child of Set was the only horror contained with that ancient sarcophagus? Perhaps it had been buried with it’s mate who hides still in the temple, or perhaps an ancient curse had descended upon the building itself, triggered by the sarcophagus being opened? Then there are the possible Ghosts and other spectral entites that might have been created by the violent deaths that happened in the hall that night, or be associated with the other artifacts and events of the temple.

A few notes for those interested in doing so. Kallian Publico’s temple is two stories tall and likely possesses underground chambers for storage. It contains many curtained archways instead of doors and a staircase connects the upper chambers and the main hall on the first level. The building has a large set of double door on the first level and a trap door in the roof. The trap door is normally secured by a large bolt but Conan broke the bolt while entering the building. Demetrio is aware of both entrances and will have them guarded. The lower level contains less valuable displays intended for public view. The items on the second level are meant only for private display and are likely more valuable. Numerous side chambers provide both storerooms , workrooms and semi-private displays. There are several private rooms on the second level that contain at least one private salon and one for ‘private’ entertainments. The bodies of Kallian Publico, Promero and several Watchmen lie in the main hall of the first floor. The keys to the front door of the temple and perhaps others of Kallian Publico’s properties lie on his belt. The Zamorian goblet is located in a niche in the floor under a copper statue of a Shemitish god.
Worm of the Earth
[First Appearance- Conan #11]

[Degenerative Serpent Person; The God in the Bowl]

Large Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 8d8+16 [64 Hit Points]
Initiative: +10 [+4 Dex; +6 Reflex]
Speed: 20; Climb 20; Swim 20
Defense Value: 16 [-2 size; +4 Dexterity; +4 natural]
Damage Reducstion: 4 [scales]
Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+16 (1)
Attack: Tail Slam +9 (2) melee [1d8+4]
Full Attack: Tail Slam and Bite +9 melee/+6 melee finesse [1d8+4 and 1d4+2 plus poison]
Special Attacks: Constriction; Enhanced Terror; Improved Grab; Poison
Special Qualities: Low Light Vision; Scent
Saves: Fort +4; Ref +10; Will +5 (2)
Abilities: Str 19; Dex 18; Con 15; Int 6; Wis 12; Cha 15
Skills: Bluff +8; Climb +8; Diplomacy +6 (3); Hide +7 (4)(5); Intimidate +12 (3); Listen +11 (6); Move Silently +12 (4); Spot +9 (6) Survival +7; Swim +6
Feats: Alertness; Improved Grapple; No Honour; Stealthy; Track; Weapon Focus [Tail Slam]

Base Magic Attack: +5 [+2 natural; +3 Cha]
Base Power Points: 5 [+4 natural; +1 Wis]
Maximum Power Points: 10
Sorcery Styles Known: Hypnotism; Nature
Spells Known: dread serpent; entrance, hypnotic suggestion; peacock’s beauty; summon animal
Corruption: 10

Climate/Terrain: Any but Artic
Organization: Solitary to Warren (1000+)
Advancement: 9-12 HD [Huge] and/or as character class [usually Scholar or Barbarian]

(1) Includes Improved Grapple Feat
(2) Includes No Honour Feat.
(3) Includes synergy bonus
(4) Includes Stealthy Feat
(5) Includes size penalty
(6) Includes Alertness Feat

Constriction: A Worm of the Earth may inflict 2d6+6 points of damage [AP 6] with a successful Grapple check.

Enhanced Terror: A Worm of the Earth’s form is a combination of fell beauty and bestial horror. Those looking upon its unconcealed form suffer Terror of the Unknown with a -4 morale penalty.

Improved Grab: When a Worm of the Earth strikes an opponent with their Tail Slam attack the Worm may attempt to Grapple that opponent as a free action. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Low Light Vision: A Worm of the Earth can see sixty feet in all lighting conditions save total darkness.

Poison: If a Worm of the Earth deamages an opponent with their Bite Attack they may choose to inject to following poison into their victim:

Fortitude Save: 18
Primary Damage: 1d6 Constitution
Secondary Damage: 1d6 Wisdom

Scent: By flicking it’s tongue and ‘scenting’ the air, a worm of the Earth is aware of the presence, but not the location of every creature within sixty feet. The range is halved if the creature is downwind of the Worm, doubled if it is upwind. A Worm of the Earth may Track others by scent alone.

Skills: Worms of the Earth possess a +8 racial bonus with Climb and Swim and may Take 10 on both checks even if under pressure or stressed.

Long ago, when man was but a rude beast, the children of Set- the serpent people- ruled the world uncontested. They were powerful and proud, having subjugated the creatures of the world to their yoke- even the crude ancestors of men were but slaves to them- chattel to build their tall monuments to Father Set or to die bloodily upon His foul black altars. The science of alchemy, the secrets of the stars, the might of sorcery- all these were their birthright and their inheritance from their Dark Father.

But some, no matter what hey have, want more. Certain factions, greedy for power and heedless of wisdom, searched for a patron that might teach them more than Father Set. They turned the Old Ones, beings so foul even Set repudiates them. Of these, the largest faction turned to Tsathoggua, a patron of the foulest arts of sorcery and depravity. His new followers secretly began to worship him, sacrificing to him instead of their Dark Father each moon.

When Set learned of this betrayal, His vengeance was swift. It was He who gave his children intelligence, humanoid form and speech. Thus He willed that those of his children who had turned His back on Him would lose these gifts. He then commanded his loyal children to destroy the now cursed children. Tsathoggua could not or would not protect his new followers. The renegade serpent that survived the purge of Set’s faithful were on their own.

Hidden in the deep corners of the world, these exiled serpent people began to feel the effects of Set’s curse. A slow degeneration began to fall over them. They first lost their legs, which fused into a single tail. Their minds then began to slip as well, beginning the long slow decline back down the evolutionary scale. Seeing the effect of this curse, the exiled serpent people attempted to cure their new condition with the arts of alchemy, but to no avail. As their arms began to wither and fade and their minds lose the ability to reason, they knew that they had not the time to seek their cure before they were nothing more than mere beasts. The decision was made to place the worst among them into hibernation via alchemical means while those who retained the most of their intellect would continue searching for a cure in the time remaining. Special sarcophagi were prepared to safely store these sleepers until their hoped for cure when they would be released from their sleep and be cured.

They hopes were never realized. Set’s curse overcame all of the remaining exiles completely, turning them into the mindless obedient first ‘Sons of Set’. Their sleeping brethren remained where they were interred in the dark and secret places of the world. Millennia placed as these being slept, and their once proud race slowly lost its dominance over the world, replaced by the simian upstarts that became humanity. Races, empires, even Ages rose and fell, cataclysms shook the Earth but still they slept.

Upon occasion those who sought out the secrets of the depth and the unclean lore of the past would stumble across the gold and jewel encrusted sarcophagi and thinking them containers of ancient treasure, open them in excited zeal. Such zeal turned to fear though as the slumbering form within stirred and revealed itself. For even in the sleep of hibernation, Set’s curse continued. Though slowed by the magics that preserved them the cure the former serpent people into truly animalistic beings, called Worms of the Erath by some. Though they possessed the vestigial humanoid head of their former state, their body was nothing more than a serpent with coils thick as think as a strong man’s arm. Of it’s former genius nothing was left save a cold malice for all life that still walked upon the world and a swift animal cunning that could mimic words and phrases to lure prey into its coils. Of their once proud magic that could break the wills of others and command the forces of life itself only the knowledge of a few basic spells was left to them. A single, burning desire was left to them- to hunt and kill as any other predator. They attacked individuals and small groups, and took to the shadows among large groups, picking off those who separated from the group one by one. They continued this behavior until killed or all other non-reptilian was slain, haunting the ruin they had awoken in- one more horror among the many of the Hyborian world.

Worms of the Earth sometimes form crude settlements in the dark corners of the world- little more than pits of filth and animal remains. They prefer to survive in or underneath unhallowed places, shunning all that is clean and bright. Though they normally simply murder intelligent species out of hunger and malice, occasionally one of these horrors will force itself onto a woman. If any child results from this union they are foul beyond nature- a personification of the degradation of man and beast . These offspring possess human intelligence and often become the ‘liaisons’- for lack of a better word- with those human desperate or foolish to deal with them. A few Worms retain the Summoning style of Sorcery and enter into pacts and worship with the lesser demons and beings that will have them….

Adventure Idea: Worm still revere certain artifacts from their once illustrious past. Though they retain no knowledge of what the objects’ true purpose was, its connection to their long past unfallen state gives these items a certain religious veneration. They party may unknowingly stumble across such an item, making them the target of the Worm’s wrath. If they discover the value of such an item to the Worms they might be able to bargain with the Worms for a service. The Worms however will twist this meaning of this ’service’ to serve their foul nature and will likely return to destroy the player characters at later time for the indignity of being forced to serving them…..