The Dark Horse Conan Sourcebook

New Insanity


The person suffering from Sociopathy begins to lose their connection to their fellow human beings. The become objects to the character- objects to be used and discarded when no longer needed. To them the feelings and well being of any other than themselves is irrelevant and people are only important so long as they serving a purpose for the character. At mild levels the afflicted character becomes rude, surly and demanding. At minor levels the character become capable or committing abuse, theft, betrayal and even murder with no remorse. At major levels the character become incapable of functioning in a society and becomes either a brutal and demanding tyrant of whatever they can control or a vindictive and spiteful loner who inflicts their pain upon others. At severe level the character is little more than a walking, talking remorseless killing machine that slays all that it can before it is put down.

Sociopathy is a common affliction of humanity.
New Insanity


Sadism is the uncontrollable desire to inflict harm on others by physical or mental means, usually as a form of control and power. Sadists scar and maim all that come into their hands but they rarely outright kill as a Sociopath does. After all a dead thing can no longer feel pain. At mild levels the character usually secretly causes discomfort and irritation to others. At minor levels the person inflicts ‘accidents’ which cause pain and injury to others. At major levels the abuse becomes too severe to cover up any more and person is obsessed with gaining power over others so they can torment them. At this level the afflicted character usually has a place of confinement to hold those it is tormenting. At severe levels the character thinks of little more than breaking down the wills of others through long-term confinement, torture, rape and mutilation.

Sadism is also a common affliction of humanity.
"I may never understand why you love to wall yourselves away from the world in dirty, smelly warrens, filth lying open in the streets. Still there are a few things to recommend you....."

-Conan, Conan #8

New Location


Nemeida is a border town of Nemedia, the first settlement of any note one encounters when traveling from Brythunia. Situated between Brythunia and the Border Kingdoms, the city occupies a strategic point in both war and commerce. As such the city possesses a large marketplace and a full garrison. The city is walled and like all Nemedian cities its age means that it has long outgrown these walls. The poor districts have tenements running three or more stories with generations of families crowded in together between filthy streets. Even the villas of the nobles are pressed in closer than their occupants would like. Public monuments, garden, parks and other green areas are unknown in Bertinus, all long since ploughed under by the need for urban growth. Indeed there is little of the architecture grace maintined in other cities of Nemedia. The chariots of the rich and influential travel through these crowded streets, trampling those peasants and travelers to slow or proud to move- or simply splashing them with effluent from the city’s gutters.

Bertinus also has a undeserved reputation for being a haven for thieves. While the city does have a larger rate of crime than other cities of generally law abiding communities of Nemedia, it is pitifully small compared to Zamora or any of the less civilized nation. The thieves of Bertinus tend to a boastful lot nonetheless, more prone to speeches and shakedowns than burglary and backstabbing. In fact, the lawful nature of Nemdians carries over to these thieves- murders, rapes and other violent crimes are almost unheard of. Young nobles of Nemedians regard it as a place to go ‘slumming’ and safely rub their sholders with the wrong element.

The thieves of Bertinus are also low-key in their crimes due to the presence of the royal garrison. Banditry and raids from the Border Kingdoms are common enough to warrant their presence is necessary, but not common enough to prevent boredom. To keep discipline, the officers send units of the army to augment the city guard during their patrols of the streets. As a result, Bertinus is one of the most relatively heavily patrolled borders in the nation. Even Conan was obliged to avoid these patrols than fight them during his brief career as a thief of Bertinus.

Bertinus is ruled by a royally appointed governor. Among the many position held by the idle nobility of the city is that of the city magistrate, who governs the enforcement of Nemedian law. At the time of Conan's sixteenth year of life that position is held by Attarus Vaelonius.
"Your purse is light merchant- business not as good as you hoped, eh? Still, it’ll be enough for us- and you can praise Bel and Mitra you escaped with your life!”

“Ho, taverner! Ale and Wine! And let travelers beware when they brave the lower quarters- for they risk the blades of the bold thieves of Bertinus!”

-Altaris and Viartus, Conan #8


Nemedian Level Two Thief
Hit Dice: 2d8 + 4 [14 Hit Points]
Initiative: + 6 [+3 Reflex; +3 Dexterity]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 14; Parry 13
Damage Reduction: 3 [Padded Jerkin]
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+3
Attack: Shortsword +4 melee finesse [1d8+2 damage; 19-20 x2 critical; AP 1]
Special Attacks: Sneak Attack +1d8/+1d6; Sneak Attack Style [Shortsword]
Special Abilities: Adaptability [Hide; Move Silently]; Trapfinding
Saves: Fort +2; Ref +6; Will –1
Abilities: Str 14; Dex 16; Con 14; Int 11; Wis 8; Cha 13
Skills: Appraise +4; Balance +5; Bluff +8 (1); Climb +6; Hide + 10 (2); Intimidate +10 (1); Jump +4; Knowledge [local] +4; Move Silently +10 (2); Open Lock +5; Profession [Fence]+2; Profession [Thief] +3; Sleight of Hand +4
Feats: Eyes of the Cat; Persuasive; Stealthy
Reputation: Villain [Bertinus- 3]
Code of Honour: None
Allegiances: None

Equipment: Padded Jerkin; Shortsword, Dagger; Tunic, Shorts, soft soled Boots

(1) Includes Persuasive Feat
(2) Includes Stealthy Feat and Adaptability Bonus
(3) Includes synergy bonus


Nemedian Level Two Minder [Level One Thief/Level One Soldier]
Hit Dice: 1d10 + 1d8 + 6 [18 Hit points]
Initiative: +5 [+2 Reflex; +2 Dexterity]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Values: Dodge 12; Parry 13
Damage Reduction: None
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+8 (1)
Base Attack: Shortsword +4 melee [1d8+3; 19-20 x2 critical; 4 AP] or Unarmed +4 melee [1d6+3; x2 critical; 0 AP]
Full Attack: Shortsword and Unarmed +4/+4 melee [1d8+3; 19-20 x2 critical; 4 AP and 1d6+1; x2 critical; 0 AP]
Special Attacks: Face Down; Sneak Attack +1d8/+1d6; Sneak Attack Style [Shortsword]; Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Intimidate, Sense Motive]; Trapfinding
Saves: Fort +5; Ref +4; Will +0
Abilities: Str 17; Dex 14; Con 16; Int 9; Wis 10; Cha 10
Skills: Bluff +5 Gather Information +4; Hide +5; Knowledge [local] +3; Intimidate +12 (2)(3)(4); Move Silently +5; Sense Motive +4 (3)
Feats: Brawl; Improved Grapple; Improved Unarmed Strike
Reputation: Villain [Bertinus- 2]
Code of Honoir: None
Allegiances: None

Equipment: Shortsword, Dagger; Tunic, Loincloth, soft soled Boots

(1) Includes Improved Grapple Feat
(2) Viartustus uses the Bully version of this skill allowing him to use his Strength modifier as the basis of this skill
(3) Includes Adaptability bonus
(4) Includes synergy bonus

Altarius and Viartus are typical examples of the type of thieves that haunt the lower ends of Bertinus. Born to mothers that could not hope to recall the men who fathered them their destiny as small time criminals was virtually assured. Altarius’ lean and small frame speaks of possible Zamoran blood while Viartus’s broad frame and ashen hair indicate that his father was likely an Aesir mercenary. Before they met each other Altarius was a moderately successful burglar working the smaller shops along Bertinus while Viartus was an unimaginative thug in employ to small time crime lord. A chance meeting in a tavern and something approaching friendship caused them to seek other fortunes together.

The two work together using Viartus’s bulk and Altaris’s glib tongue to convince merchants and travelers that simply handing over their goods would be less painful than other alternatives. They managed to keep a moderately comfortable lifestyle for their kind but as with most wastrels tend to spend their money just as fast as they steal it and thus were rarely idle.

Their luck changed for the worst when their paths crossed a young wanderer’s named Conan. After robbing a merchant named Gillan in a cheap tavern, they were easily defeated by the Cimmerian after they took offense to his scornful remarks. After defeating them, Conan told them a ridiculous tale about stealing the city magistrates Attarus’ sacred regalia. At first amazed by the foreign barbarian’s brazen and incredible lies, they were further amazed when the barbarian produced the regalia as proof. With the same base thought and purpose they took the golden emblems of Nemedian authority from the overbold brute at knife point…..

….just as the royal watch broke into the tavern. Caught with the regalia and sputtering protests of innocence they pointed to the Cimmerian, only to find him suddenly gone. When none of the tavern’s occupants willing to back their story the two were arrested by the guard and taken away. Their fate remains unknown. They may have some hope. The man who judge them is the very man from whom the regalia was stolen from- Bertinus city magistrate Attarus. Having seen Conan in the act, Attarus will know that Altarius and Viartus are not the ones who stole his regalia. Whether he frees them or hangs them on general principle will likely be dependant on his mood at the time.

Adventure Hook: A single player character away from the party in Bertinus might run across these two on the prowl. The two theives aren't bloodthirsty- murder after all carries stiffer penalties than mere petty theft- but will make liberal use of the Demoralize Foe action. How this plays out will be determined by the relative level difference of the player character and the two theives. An even moderately experienced character will likely make a mockery of the robbery attempt as Conan did so this event is better played for laughs, not bloodshed.
"You dare address me in such a manner?!...Guards, Give him a lesson in manners. Beat him senseless and leave him in gutters he smells of so pungently."

-Attarus Vaelonius, Conan #8

Attarus Vaelonius
[First Appearance- Conan #8]

Male Nemedian 6th level Noble
Hit Dice: 6d8-6 [18 Hit Points]
Initiative: +2 [+2 Reflex]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Values: Dodge 12; Parry 15
Damage Reduction: None
Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+6
Attack: Ceremonial scepter +6 melee [1d8+2; x2]
Special Attacks: +1 to attack with Broadsword, Heavy Lancer, Hunting Bow and War Spear; Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Knowledge (nobility); Knowledge (law) (1)] Enhanced Leadership; Lead By Example +2; Rank Hath Its Privileges; Social Ability [family ties]; Title [Magistrate]; Wealth
Saves: Fort +3 (2); Ref +2; Will +4
Abilities: Str 15; Dex 11; Con 9; Int 12; Wis 9; Cha 14
Skills: Appraise +6; Bluff +10 (3); Diplomacy +10 (4); Intimidate +9 (3); Knowledge [history] +11 (5); Knowledge [law] +15 (5) (6) (7); Knowledge [nobility] +14 (5) (6); Listen +6; Sense Motive +10 (4)
Feats: Greater Fortitude; Knowledgeable; Leadership; Negotiator; Persuasive; Skill Focus [Knowledge (law)]
Reputation: Cruel [8- Bertinus]
Leadership: 4th level cohort; 12 1st level followers
Allegiances: the nobility of Nemedia; the church of Mitra

(1) See upcoming post on New Skills
(2) Includes Greater Fortitude Feat
(3) Includes Persuasive Feat
(4) Includes Negotiator Feat
(5) Includes Knowledgeable Feat
(6) Includes Adaptability special ability
(7) Includes Skill Focus Feat

Possessions: Golden scepter and necklace of state; Noble class toga and belt; chariot and matched pair of Workhorses

The magistrate of Bertinus, Attarus is a model of successful mediocrity. An unremarkable but studious individual born to a minor noble family of Nemedia, Attarus attended a respectable institution of learning, passed with adequate grades and obtained the position of magistrate of Bertinus as the beginning of an unremarkable career. As magistrate, Attarus is responsible for the interpretation of the nation’s law in criminal proceedings. He is a believer in the most rigid and inflexible view of the country’s laws and has a reputation for imposing the harshest sentences possible on those who come before his court.

Like most Nemedian royalty he is highly conscious of his status. He expects absolute obedience of all commoners to his every word and at the slightest sign of disobedience will set his guard upon the offender to teach them a good lesson. Attarus also includes foreign travelers in this category, which proved a bad idea when dealing with Conan. To his equals Attarus is polite and distant, to his superiors he is openly fawning, currying favor at all opportunities.

Attarus is proud of his position of authority and is never without the golden necklace and scepter of his office, even going so far as to keep them next to his bed when sleeping. Conan’s theft of these items at first horrified and then infuriated him. Though the town watch managed to retrieve these items the same night they were stolen, Attarus’s ire is likely to be up for a good long while- guaranteeing a lot of stiff sentences in the near future for the people of Bertinus.
"Don't resist outlander. It will only go harder for you."

-A bodyguard to Magistrate Attarus, Conan #8

Nemedian Guard

Nemedian First Level Soldier
Hit Dice: 1d10+1 [6 hit points]
Initiative: +0
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Values: Dodge 10; Parry 11
Damage Reduction: 4 [Quilted Jerkin and Steel Cap]
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+2
Attack: Club +2 melee [1d8+1; x2 critical; AP 2] or Shortsword +2 melee [1d8+1; 19-20 x2 critical; AP 2]
Full Attack: Club and Shortsword +2 melee [1d8+1;x2 critical; AP 2 and 1d8;19-20/x2 critical; AP 1]
Special Attacks: Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Listen; Spot]
Saves: Fort +3; Ref +9; Will +0
Abilities: Str 13; Dex 11; Con 12; Int 10; Wis 10; Cha 11
Skills: Bluff +4 (1); Intimidate +6 (1); Knowledge [local] +2; Knowledge [nobility] +2; Listen +4 (2); Search +2; Spot +4 (2)
Feats: Brawl; Persuasive; Power Attack
Reputation: Cruel [1]
Allegiances: Their employer
Advancement: As Soldier

(1) Includes Persuasive Feat
(2) Includes Adaptability

Possessions: Quilted Jerkin, Steel Cap; Club, Shortsword; Cloak, Tunic, Trews and Sandals

By national law, Nemedian guards are not part of the vast Nemeidan bureaucracy but are instead individuals hired by private citizens to protect their goods and persons. In practice though there are usually little more than street thugs cleaned up a bit and paid to keep other riff-raff away from their employer and his or her interests. Possessing Guards is a measure of status in Nemedian society-. The more rich and influential a person is the more Guards they employ as a sign of their power. Some major nobles and priests have what amounts to small armies of these individuals.

Guards are more bullies than warriors at heart, preferring to intimidate and threaten those unable to fight back rather than engaging in anything resembling a fair fight. They are so accustomed to the normally complacent, submissive and law abiding nature of a Nemedian citizen that they often relax their guard too easily, allowing a wily opponent to get the drop on them.

Nemedia has harsh laws against murder and in combat Guards will err on the side of caution, using their Clubs to inflict subdual damage until the person they are attacking is unconscious and then leave them in the gutter to recover. Once blood is drawn by the other side or their opponents prove to be tougher than anticipated they will not hesitate to pull out more lethal weaponry- or just run away and let the Watch handle the situation.
This is awesome, thanks Raven! I'm planning on running a new group of characters through these comics, although I'm using Savage Kingdoms as my rules system. The stats still help tremendously in fleshing out the NPC's.

So keep it up!
Raven Blackwell said:
You're welcome. I have Volume One collected together as a Word document if you want it. Just pm me with a e-mail address to send it to.

Actually, I've gotten that already as you should have my email address from when I pm'ed you before :)

But I'd like to get Volume 2, and eventually 3, when they are ready.
"Stand where you are! Nobody moves at the order of the city watch."

"And look at that Iantus. The magistrate's treasures. Caught red handed, or I'm a Brythunian farmer's daughter."

-Ianthus and an unnamed soldier, Conan #8

Nemedian Infantry, Elite

Nemedian Level Three Soldiers
Hit Dice: 3d10 + 6 [27 Hit Points] (1)
Initiative: +5 [+1 Reflex; Improved Initiative]
Speed: 25 feet [in armor]
Defense Value: Dodge 11; Parry 15 [+4 with Large Shield] (2)
Damage Reduction: 7 [Breastplate and Steel Cap]
Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+6
Attack: Broadsword +7 melee (3) [1d10+3; 19-20/x2 critical; 6 AP] or by weapon +6 melee
Full Attack: Broadsword and Poniard +7 (3)/+6 melee [1d10+3; 19-20/x2 critical; 6 AP and 1d6+1; 19-20/x2 critical; 3 AP]
Special Attacks: Heavy Infantry Formation Combat; Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Listen; Spot] (4)
Saves: Fort +5; Ref +1; Will +1
Abilites: Str 16; Dex 12; Con 14; Int 10; Wis 11; Cha 10
Skills: Craft [armorer] +2; Craft or Profession [various] +2 (5); Intimidate +5; Knowledge [geography] +2; Knowledge [local] +2; Listen +4; Profession [soldier] +4; Spot +4; Survival +2
Feats: Endurance; Improved Initiative; Parry; Toughness; Weapon Focus [Broadsword]
Reputation: Brave [3- Nemedia]
Alliegence: Each other; their commander; the crown of Nemedia
Code of Honour: None (4)

Equipment: In peacetime Nemedian Elite Soldiers are equipped with Breastplate Steel Cap; Broadswords, Poniards; Uniforms and Work Boots. In war these soldiers are additionally equipped with Large Shields, Pikes and whatever other gear they can manage to have.

(1) Includes Toughness Feat
(2) Includes Parry Feat
(3) Includes Weapon Focus
(4) As Nemdia is a Mitran dominated culture individual soldiers may possess the Faith Special Ability and/or a Civilized Code of Honour. If so adjust their statistics accordingly.
(5) This represents the craft the soldier was training in as a child before their conscription.

Like most Hyborian contries save Aquilonia, Nemdedian Nobles consider the infantry to be beneah their notice, mere peasant conscripts that die so that the nobly born calvary might by spared greater losses. Each year each Nemdian community from the capital of Belverus to the smallest hamlet is required to yield up a portion of their male population for conscription into the army. Such recruits are ill-treated, ill-trained and ill-equipped and often perish by the thousands in Nemdia’s many wars.

Those that do survive though form a bond of camaraderie between them, knowing that none but they care if they live or die. They train each other, guard each others back and scavenge what equipment they can from the battle field. Given time and the rich looting sometime available on the battlefields of nobility, units that survive long enough can become formidable and well equipped units by their own merit.

Such units are worth their weight in gold and many wise commanders of the Nemedian army know it. They often adopt such units into their regular forces and make them the core of their own group troops. Such units often take of the training of younger recruits, beating them into a passable combat unit before taking the field.

Rather than disbanding these units in peacetime, the army assigns them garrison billets, usually on the borders of the country. To keep them in fighting trim, the army will often assign them civilian duties such as patrolling Nemedia’s roads, escorting government caravans or patrolling the streets of Nemedia’s cities. It was in such a role that Conan encountered these soldiers in the streets of Bertinus. A patrol of these soldiers responded rapidly to Conan’s assault upon Magistrate Attarus. Even Conan knew better to ty entangle himself in a battle with such experienced soldiers and wisely fled the scene to better plan his revenge on the Magistrate later.
"It'll be no problem, my friend. You saved my purse- I'll gladly buy your drinks
. And a full meal, as well!"

"And how about these fine ladies, as well?"

"I, ah.....certainly. For them as well."

-Gillam and Conan, Conan #8

[First Appearance- Conan #8]

Nemedian Level Three Commoner
Hit Dice 3d4 [6 Hit Points]
Initiative: +1 [+1 Reflex]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 11; Parry 11
Damage Reduction: None
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+1
Attack: Dagger +1 melee finesse [1d4; 19-20/x2 critical; AP 1]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Appraise; Diplomacy]
Saves: Fort +1; Ref +1; Will +0
Abilites: Str 11; Dex 10; Con 10; Int 14; Wis 9; Cha 12
Skills: Appraise +9 (1); Bluff +4; Diplomacy +8 (1) (2) Handle Animal +3; Knowledge [geography] +5 [Knowledge local] +5; Profession [merchant] +8 (3); Sense Motive +1 (2)
Feats: Negotiator; Skill Focus [Profession (merchant)]; Submissive Demeanor; True Submissive
Reputation: Coward [4- Nemdia]
Code of Honour: None
Allegiances: none

Possession: Dagger; Traveling Outfit; Wagon with one cargo of inexpensive Aquilonian wine

(1) Includes Negotiator Feat
(2) Includes Adaptability Special Ability
(3) Includes Skill Focus Feat

A minor merchant of little note Gillam is a person who started with little and has managed to hang on to it. Born to poor but proud parents, Gillam followed in their footsteps becoming a merchant of small cargos and little profit. He is not a brilliant man and possesses little imagination but is bright enough to seize ahold of opportunities when they blatantly present themselves or to go along with the plans of others when it seems to benefit him.

Conan first encountered Gillam as the merchant was being robbed by the thieves Altarius and Viartus in a small tavern in Bertinus. Though quickly relieved of his purse, Gillam remained after the thieves had turned their attention to Conan. Shortly after, when the guards arrived to arrest the two thieves for possessing the loot stolen by Conan, Gillam joined in with the other patrons of the tavern in denying Conan’s part in the theft and placing the blame for the theft of Magistrate Attarus’ regalia on Altarius and Viartus- but only after having the Watch return his money pouch.

Afterwards, Gillam offered to purchase Conan a meal for his part in retrieving Gillam’s money pouch. Conan, ever the opportunist, asked also for the price of two prostitutes. Gillam, fearful of the barbarian’s temper agreed, though this extra expenditure would leave little enough remaining in his newly retrieved money pouch.

The next morning was to bring greater misfortune to the humble merchant. By vigorous question of the Viartus and Altarius Magistrate Attarus had divined some of the events that occurred in the tavern than night. Eager to capture the true thief of his property he ordered that all of those present at the tavern that night be arrested and questioned themselves. Hearing of the coming Watchmen minutes before their arrival, Gillam and the two women of dubious virtue present that night made a hasty retreat out of the city and even the country. As Fate would have it they encountered Conan again, flush with pride and gold from his latest adventure. This time though, events would fall out more in Gillam’s favour than not……
"Cimmerians- they're dark aren't they? Tall and dark eyed, like Zamorians?

"I wish there'd been one. A rich one...."

-Nyssa and Jiara, Conan #8

[First Appearance- Conan #8]

Nemedian Level One Temptress
Hit Dice: 1d6 [3 Hit Points]
Initiative: +4 [+2 Dexterity; +2 Reflex]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 12; Parry 9
Damage Reduction: None
Base Attack/Grapple: +0/-1
Attack: Dagger +2 melee finesse [1d4-1; 19-20/x2 critical; 0 AP]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Diplomacy; Perform (dance)] Comeliness Savoir Faire
Saves: Fort +0; Ref +4; Will +3
Abilites: Str 8; Dex 14; Con 11; Int 11; Wis 13; Cha 15
Skills: Bluff +6; Craft [tailor] +4; Diplomacy +10 (1) (2); Gather Information +6; Knowledge [local] +2; Perform [amorous] +8 (3) Perform [dance] +10 (1)(3); Sense Motive +7 (2)
Feats: Negotiator; Performer
Reputation Talented [Bertinus- 3]
Code of Honour: None
Allegiances: none

Equipment: Dagger; Dancing Outfit

(1) Includes Adaptability Special Ability
(2) Includes Negotiator Feat
(3) Include Performer Feat

Nyssa is prostitue of above average ability from the Nemedian city of Bertinus. The daughter of a prostitute herself, she grew up in the poorest districts of the city with no other asset than her beauty. She began turning tricks at 12 years of age and by 14 she had partnered with the more experienced Jiara for a measuer of security and guidance. Jiara taught Nyssa a more lucrative way to practice their profession: robbing drunk patrons, trading their amorous experience for favours from those who had a measure of power, manipulating other to into inviting them into their dwelling and after their mark fell asleep robbing them of all the two could carry away. Nyssa was a decent tailor as well and created the dancing costumes for both girls.

At the age of sixteen, Nyssa and Jiara encountered Conan after his daring and ill-thought raid on Magistrate Attarus’ house. Attracted to the young barbarian’s power and daring they ‘allowed’ Conan to purchase their services for the night though neither was foolish enough to try and take advantage of the penniless and violent warrior. This momentary infatuation would prove to cause to be trouble for the girls. Magistrate Attarus- furious about being tricked by Conan twice- ordered the arrest of anyone who had come into contact with Conan that night. Hearing of this, Nyssa warned the merchant Gillam and ‘convinced’ him to assist the two girls to escape the city as well. The merchant readily agreed to do so in exchange for future favours and they escaped the city and then the country by traveling south over the Ophirian border.

On this voyage, the three encountered none other than Conan shortly after his first encounter with the magic of the Stygian sorcerer Thoth-Amon. Desiring protection such a warrior could provide them, the trio offered to give Conan a lift south. It was Jiara that had more ambitious plans……

Adventure Hook: After their second encounter with Conan, Nyssa and Gilliam are likely to remain partners in their adventures on either side of the law. PCs could encounter them as allies or friends, purchase services from them, fall prey to their small time confidence games or simply be robbed by them if careless. Note that the nature of the Hyborian world is such that more of one of the circumstances may be possible at different periods of time. It should be noted though thay neither of them are killers by nature, so it is unlikely they would slay even a helpless person unless truly pressed to do so.
[As of Conan #8; First Appearance- Conan #8]

Nemdian Level Two Temptress
Hit Dice 2d6+2 [10 Hit Points]
Initiative: +6 [+3 Dexterity; +3 Reflex]
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: 14; Parry 10
Damage Reduction: None
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+1
Attack: Dagger +4 melee finesse [1d4; 19-20/x2 critical; 1 AP]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Appraise, Search]; Comeliness; Dance of Desire [1/day]; Savior Faire; Seductive Art +1
Saves: Fort +1; Ref +6; Will +6 (1)
Abilities: Str 10; Dex 16; Con 12; Int 16 Wis 10; Cha 17
Skills: Appraise +8 (2); Bluff +11 (3) (4); Diplomacy +8 (4); Hide +6; Gather Information +7 (4); Intimidate +8 (4); Knowledge [local] +4; Knowledge [nobility] +4; Listen +4; Move Silently+6; Perform [amorous] +9 (4); Perform [dance] +8 (4); Profession [prostitute] +5; Search +8 (2) Sleight of Hand +7; Spot +4
Feats: No Honour; Persuasive
Reputation: Talented [Bertinus- 5]
Code of Honour: No Honour
Allegiances: None

Possessions: Dagger; Dancing Outfit

(1) Includes No Honour Feat. Jiara has only a +3 Will saving throw for the purposes of resisting Corruption.
(2) Includes Adaptability Special Ability
(3) Includes Persuasive Feat
(4) Includes Seductive Savant Special Ability

Like most prostitutes, Jiara is the child of one herself and an unknown client. Her mother died at the hands of one of her clients early in Jiara’s life. Alone in the world she had no recourse other than to take up her mother’s profession, but she swore she would never end up like her mother. By any means necessary Jiara would find a way to gain the power necessary to protect herself from such a fate and to live in luxury that she could only dream of.

Jiara regards her fellow humans as tools to be used in her mission of self-advancement. Her ‘partnership’ with Nyssa isn’t the first she has had, merely the latest in a series of short lived arrangements that usually end badly for the other partner. Jiara prefers to let her partners do most of the work while she takes most of the profit. Nor does Jiara limit herself to the profits of prostitution. She picks the occasional pocket, pilfers the occasional purse from a sleeping client, searches out hidden caches of valuables in the rooms and homs of clients and runs a few low key confidence games. To be fair Jiara’s devious mind usually comes up with the plan, but in her mind this should entitle her to a have to perform less work and the lion share of the profits.

One fateful night in Bertinus, a young warrior named Conan came into the bar where Jiara and Nyssa were ‘working’. At first Jiara overlooked the Cimmerian as yet another penniless mercenary but when Conan interrupted a mugging and boasted of his exploits in robbing the Magistrate Attarus she grew intrigued. Unlike most mercenaries the hillsman’s boast seem no idle words. Stories of the attack on the Magistrate’s person and home were already the gossip of the evening. Enthralled by the warrior’s words she watched as Conan ‘allowed’ the two thieves the rob him of his ill-gotten gains- just as the city Watch entered. Caught red handed and with Conan nowhere in sight, the thieves tried to convince the Watch that they weren’t guilty, appealing to the tavern’s patrons to back up their story. Impressed by Conan’s cleverness Jiara joined in with the rest of the tavern’s patrons in denying that Conan was ever there. When Watch dragged the two thieves away into the night and Conan returned from hiding and with Jiara and the rest of the tavern they had a good laugh. Jiara and Nyssa were so impressed by the large warrior that they ‘allowed’ him to purchase him for the night.

Thus things should have ended perhaps but they did not. Magistarte Attrus- furious at Conan’s deception and escape- ordered that all those who had contact with him that night be arrested and questioned in a vigorous manner. Hearing of this, Jiara and Nyssa went about seducing the merchant Gilliam and convinced him to take them out of the city before the guards could arrive. After traveling to Ophir they encountered Conan again, flush with naïve confidence and newly won gold. Such a combination was a born opportunity for Jiara and she easily convinced her new found ‘partners’ in a plan to separate warrior and gold…..
"Shall we go, Aztrias? That towering hulk treats this place as his own, and his atrocious accent offens my-"

"Silence Tinna. I wish to hear this...."

-Tinna and Aztrias, Conan #7

Aztrias Petanius
[First Appearance: Conan #8]

Level One Nemedian Noble
Hit Dice: 1d8-1 [3 Hit Points]
Initiative: +0
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 10; Parry 8
Damage Reduction: None
Base Attack/Grapple: +0/-2
Attack: Dagger +0 melee finesse [1d4; 19-20/x2 critical; AP 1]
Special Attacks: Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Bluff; Knowledge (streetwise)]; Rank Hath Its Privileges; Title; Wealth
Saves: Fort –1; Ref +0; Will +1
Attributes: Str 6; Dex 10; Con 9; Int 13; Wis 9; Cha 16
Skills: Appraise +5; Bluff +10 (1)(2); Diplomacy +6; Gather Information +8; Intimidate +6 (2); Knowledge [nobility] +3; Knowledge [streetwise] +5 (1); (see upcoming entry on New Skills); Profession [gambler] +3
Feats: Persuasive; Venomous Tongue
Code of Honour: None
Reputation: Jaded [Belvarius- 8]

(1) Includes Adaptability special ability
(2) Includes Persuasive Feat

Equipment: Dagger; lower end Noble class Robes and Sandals; hair perfume

Aztrias Petanius is the foppish nephew of the Governor of the Nemedian capital of Belvarius. Like many of the impoverished Nemedian nobility he stands to inherit neither property nor responsibility and has turned to vice and addiction to pass his time. He gets in trouble frequently with both sides of the law, is heavily in debt to several loansharks and has yet to obtain a single worthwhile habit or use to anyone. His uncle’s powerful position makes other hesitate to criticize or work directly against him. This does not make him immune to harm though- the loansharks are getting impatient and may want to make an example out of him soon.

His uncle’s position also gives him access to the inner circle of Nemedian nobility and their social functions. While attending a private function of Kallian Publico, a powerful and wealthy noble of Belvarius, his host in a moment of unguarded toadying and much under the influence of a great deal of alcohol bragged to Aztrias of a precious Zamorian goblet he had had stolen from a temple of Shadizar years ago. Knowing that thieves in the hire of the temple might be seeking to reclaim the treasure and perhaps also to revenge themselves on its new owner, Aztrias kept in a hidden location within one of his many storehouses of treasures. Attempting to impress the lad and through him his uncle, Publico even took Aztrias to the storehouse and showed him the treasure in its hiding place.

Aztrias, keeping his wits about him saw an opportunity to both humiliate the slug like Publico who Aztrias detested and pay off his gambling debts in a single action. If the goblet were stolen Publico could hardly report the theft to anyone- Publico after all had stolen it in the first place. Liquidating the goblet after it was stolen would be easy- Aztrias had cultivated many contacts within the underworld through the gambling dens and drug dens of the cities of Nemedia- but he lacked the skill in order to undertake the theft himself. Possessing the knowledge of the goblet and the means to find and open its hiding place, he could hire a thief to steal for him but this would be a risky endeavor. Few native thieves of Nemedia will steal from the nobility knowing the harsh penalties they face if they caught. There was also the problem that a foreign professional thief might keep the goblet for themselves and leave Aztrias high and dry…….

Thinking to find a thief in a place he was less known, Aztrias and a single companion named Tinna traveled to the Nemedian city of Bertinus, which was widely regarded as a lawless city and a haven for thieves- by Nemedian standards anyway. After casting about for a suitable candidate within the lower end’s taverns and crowded streets of Bertinus, Aztrias happen to overhear a Cimmerian bragging over the theft of Magistrate Atarius’s golden regalia. After watching the young barbarian plant his loot on a pair of feckless thieves just prior to the Watch’s arrival, Aztrias joined with the rest of the tavern’s patrons in pining the crime on the two thieves instead of on Conan. Impressed with the barbarian, Aztrias approached him after the watch has left and proposed to the young Conan that he had a job the Cimmerian might be interested in…….
Tinna Lumarius
[First Appearance- Conan #8]

Nemedian Noble Level One
Hit Dice: 1d8+1 [5 Hit Points]
Initiative: +0
Speed: 30 feet
Defense Value: Dodge 10; Parry 12
Damage Reduction: None
Base Attack/Grapple: 0/+2
Attack: Dagger +2 melee [1d4+2; 19-20/x2 critical; 3 AP]
Special Attacks: Weapon Familiarity [Greatsword]
Special Qualities: Adaptability [Gather Information; Sense Motive]; Rank Hath Its Privileges; Title; Wealth
Saves: Fort +1; Ref +0; Will +3
Abilities: Str 14; Dex 11; Con 12; Int 10; Wis 12; Cha 12
Skills: Bluff +3; Diplomacy +3; Gather Information +5 (1); Intimidate +3; Knowledge [history] +4 (2); Knowledge [nobility] +4 (2); Knowledge [religion] +4 (2); Perform [lute] +5 (3); Perform [song] +5 (3); Profession [gambler] +5; Sense Motive +5 (1)
Feats: Knowledgeable; Peformer
Code of Honour: None
Reputation: Talented [Bertinus- 2]

(1) Includes Adaptability special ability
(2) Includes Knowledgeable Feat
(3) Includes Performer Feat

Equipment: Dagger; Merchant class Robes and Sandals; Lute

Not all of Nemedia’s impoverished nobility is lucky enough to have a powerful uncle. Tinna Lumarius is one of them. Born with little, Tinna took advantage of every scrap of the meager privileges he was born with- free education from the museums and universities of Belvarius, instruction from the Mitran priest assigned to his family’s manor, even lessons from the players and minstrels that his father patronized. His talent was as meager as his wealth, though this did not stop him from developing it to its fullest. He also learned to play a decent game of cards and not to bet more than he could lose- the latter a lesson that Aztrias never learned.

Because Tinna’s activities almost resemble the act of work, the majority of Nemdian’s jaded young nobility looks down upon him, though a few of the elder nobles secretly admire his determination, if not his talent. His performances are nearly unattended save by family and a few very close friends though this has not deterred his ambitions to be a serious artist. In response to the social persecution Tinna has cultivated an air of arrogance believing his meager self-development has made him a better man that his peers and one can say that to a small degree this may be true. His lack of prestige within the noble ranks of Belvarius makes him take out his frustration on the commoners and foreigners he comes across by being overly judgmental and critical of their lack of ‘refinements’.

Tinna and Aztrias met one day over the gaming table. After losing a good chunk of money he didn’t have Aztrias offered an invitation to his uncle’s Winter Soltice revels as an alternate form of payment. Never before having the opportunity to mingle with the inner circle of Nemedian nobility, Tinna agreed to the bargain. The two have made an unlikely pair since then and have taken to gambling together, attending musical and theatrical performances and parties and occasionally traveling about the Nemedian countryside. A few rather venomous tongues have even suggested they might be lovers but these rumors were quickly squelched by Aztrias’ uncle.

Upon hearing Aztrias’ plan to steal Kallian Publico’s goblet and asked to accompany Aztrias to Bertinus, Tinna first opposed it. When he learned Aztrias meant to go through with it and could not be convinced otherwise Tinna agreed to accompany him to keep the more naïve noble out of trouble. He fully expected Aztrias to fail in his mission to hire a thief or even forget it altogether when some other new diversion cane along. After Aztrias hired the barbarian Conan against his protest, Tinna knew that Aztrias had gotten himself too deep into the scheme to come out unscathed. Deciding to cut his losses upon the three’s return to Belvarius Tinna parted with Aztrias before his attempt to steal Publico’s goblet. Whether he wept upon the news of Aztrias’ murder is unknown.

Advancement: Tinna could make the foundation of an excellent NPC contact in his later life. Tinna could gain ranks in Noble of course, but his dilettante nature allows for a possibility of future outcomes. Upset with the poor prospects of his future, Tinna may become take Scholar and become a priest of one of Nemedia’s many sects or follow the path of performer and take levels in Tempter. [see entry on Temptresses as entertainers in the topic Raven’s Errata for more details] Tinna’s level head is unlikely to make him want to learn to become a Thief or dabble with sorcery, but he might take up the road of mercenary as many impoverished Nemedian nobles have by taking ranks of Soldier, perhaps even becoming an Adventurer in time. He may even try to find someway to make Conan, the murderer of Aztrias, to pay for his crimes though Tinna is unlikely to be effective in doing do himself. Perhaps he hires the PCs to do so? ;>