The BIG meg

A city block is roughly one actual block, and sevral sevral stories high. Kind of like a building in a city.

I am considering a rather ambitious project. I recently made a set of stats for Batman that are working rather well, so I want to know who would win in a fight between the big B and the big D. Here is where I need a little help.

The fight will be on the lowest level of a block, the block will be closed off (likely abandoned) and the upper floors closed off as well. I need to know, in feet or inches or whatever you would like to use, how much floor space in scale I would need to devote to this. Also any details on what is generally on the lower level of a block would be helpful. Anything that should be included for completeness sake. I will build it up and then let the battle go.

For the sake of realism I will be building the terrain alone, and in the fight I will play Joseph. My opponent will play Bruce and will not be allowed to see the terrain until the fight. The fight will go on until one party is dead or arrested.

I would love to get everyone in volved on this, make it a kind of forum project, and when it's said and done I will post a full battle report and a mini comic detailing how the battle ended.
If you want to know who will win ...

If you say one citiblock level is around 5 meters high, and you take your average humanoid miniature to be about 2 meters tall, then a realistic size would be about 2 and a half to three times as high as your average ganger model.

As for what needs to be there - well... it depends - Blocks have big enterence plazas which look a bit like malls and would usually be 2 levels high, and the other levels may be apartments, schools, parks, aeroball stadiums... or you could have the obligatory anti-grav chutes, elevators and stairwells.

Hope this is of some help.
Thanks for the replies. What I was looking for, as well, was the area around a city block would be, in miniatures scale.

I have the Batman files, but that is writing. A winner was decided for a good ending to the book. We're wondering who would win in a fight with GMoC1 rules with no predetermined winner.
A floor area for a whole block?

The old Games Workshop Citiblock Rules say this about floor area: (all in square meters, with random dice rolls to determine the size...)

Pre-Atomic War - 10,000 – 30,000 (D6 x 5,000; take 1=2)
Pre-Apocalypse War - 20,000 – 50,000 (D4+1 x 30,000)
Post-Apocalypse War - 30,000 – 300,000 (D10 x 30,000)
Con-Apt - 2,500 – 10,000 (D4 x 2,500)

Working out a model scale for that would require figuring out a conversion.

I'll have a go - but my math could be way out so feel free to contradict me :)

Let's take a Con-Apt building I just rolled a 3 for. That's a total floor area of (3x 2,500) 7,500 square meters. OK. My math is not great, but I think a square 100 meters by 75 meters sounds about right for the whole thing (I'd include the outside plaza part in this).

If your scale is, say, 3cm per meter, your floor area would need to be 300cm by 225cm.

That's big. That's something like 10 foot by 7 foot, give or take.

This sounds as it should be for a place the size of Mega City One. This is why we build ruins in out bit of nuked-out sector we have - otherwise scenery is just too big to make, store or even to game on.
Yes, I know it would be huge, but it must be done!

I'll be doing it in parts. I believe I'll start with the synthi whip stand. I'll posy pictures all along the way. :)

I really appreciate the help!
If you do the terrain to 1/54th scale, roughly 30mm, then you'll be looking at something roughly 4.5 feet by 6 feet for something which is 75 meters by 100 meters in 'real size'. That's actually not too bad for a city block, really. An 'average' block in Manhattan, comparatively, is about 80 meters by 270 meters. So building a 'modern' city block would probably actually come out being BIGGER then this is! Cities are GIGANTIC compared to individual models if you actually build them to scale (Imagine trying to build Manhattan Island. That's 12 miles long and 3 miles wide roughly! Some 1,175 feet long and 300 feet wide! And that's TINY compared to MC1!)
I think I'l grab somewhere in between and make this set six feet by six feet.

It will include a synthiwhip, one of those dream enhancing clinics, and smokatorium so far.

Where would the citi def armory be? Would it be appropriate for that to be on the ground level? I would imagine it would.

Various clothing stores, video rental, and if I am feeling ambitious a small playground for those who are boingfully inclined.

Are there any suggestions or requests?
Alot of the blocks are unique in design and content, there was some standard blocks, but this allows you to use some artistic lisence.

I would imagine that the city def stores would be on more than one level so maximum citizens can be armed as quick as possible.

A lot of the blocks have leasure areas on more than one level, and have shopping/park complexes half way or further up. Zooms track through some blocks and some have roadways passing through them. again all this is at different levels. with say 60,000 people in a block, you can imagine the amount of facilities that need to be in place, and on multi levels so people at the top of the block dont have to go all the way down to the bottom for things, and the same the other way.

so on the ground level you could have accomodation, the entrances, roadways, possibly a ZOOM track/station. Mall, park area, communial things. the stairs are Colossal, lot of traffic walking up and down at anyone time. A school, block hospital, maybe the area for block meetings (to discuss which block you are going to take on during block war mania :wink: ).
Entrances to the sub levels, this could include entrance to a subway system (in the comic sometimes you will see a perp or citizen walking down into a subway), the maintenance areas..etc..

That should keep you going

Excellent! All of these responses are great, I'm hoping to have some good pictures for you all in about a week. Just a few stands but still, I want to keep you all informed of the progress as I go along.

Now, billboards would be helpful, and any that you folks want to design will be included in some way. Ones I would like to see: Anything for Otto Sump, Boing advertisements, weird food ads, and odd public ervice billboards.

Also, I will include a shuggy hall I think, so what exactly does a shuggy table look like? I couldn't fing any photos. As I understand it, it's circular and has pockets at the top of ramps or hills. A shot of this to sculpt from would be muchly appreciated.
This sounds like an excellent project. Remember that my floor size was for a con-apt building, which is the smallest citiblock type by far :)

My gaming group is currently building some modular ruins for our nuked-out part of our sector, though we have discussed over the years trying to build at least part of a citiblock to scale. We still might now you have given me this inspiration.

A good place to look for pictures of Otto Sump is the 2000ADOnline website, in the cover gallery there is a great cover of Otto eating some gunge bearing the slogan 'It's Tasty' - we plan to use this image as an advertising billboard. There is also an ad poster on the Star Scans section of the site of Judge Anderson wearing 'Emphatically Yess' trousers, witht he slogan 'Mine seem to fit OK.' - this also would be a great billboard.

Shuggy tables are rectanular like regular pool tables - but with bumps on the surface and holes on the top of those bumps rather than on the edges like regular pool tables. They don't seem to conform to a uniform design. There were rules for Shuggy in the old Games Workshop book 'The Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game Companion' which I will have to dig out - it's stored in my attic with all of my progs :) - but a shuggy hall should not be dissimilar to a modern-day pool hall, except that the tables are bumpy and have holes all over rather than at the corners and sides.

Hope this is of some help
Aye a shuggy table has hills and dips, with holes in the dips and on the hills, there is also pins i think. the shuggy cue tip is shaped like a lil spade/shovel head.

The smokatorium is a one of structure like a massive stadium.

For shops/slogans a kneepad shop would be great and an otto slump Ugly parlar.

Signs for becoming a gimp.

A max normal type shop, slick taylor with pin stripe suits.

SKy sports shop, sky surf boards, and batglider suits.

Any shop promoting mad hobbies, like heading raw eggs into a bin
Great! This is really helpful, I almost have the floorplan grid done.

WHat is the name for those places where you go and they have a mock up of a part of the city and you can take out your agressions? You know, like an anger clinic, they wanted to have replicas of the judges there but the justice department said no.
Anybody else like "The Office"?

"He say's 'Finchy, you look exhausted,' and i'm thinking yeah, and you look like you've had a pot noodle and a wank."

Has anyone else played the Dredd Versus death game. I think that's a Grot Pot that that homeless lookin' guy picks up.

The floorplan should be done in about two days. I'm still working on a good looking arrangement of the shops and other bits.
Kardak_Legaius said:
Great! This is really helpful, I almost have the floorplan grid done.

WHat is the name for those places where you go and they have a mock up of a part of the city and you can take out your agressions? You know, like an anger clinic, they wanted to have replicas of the judges there but the justice department said no.

Aggro Dome.
The one in the comic had a roof the shape of a clenched fist, IIRC.
Indoor buildings shops have roofs? I remember it being like a mall where there was the upper floor acting as a roof for everything there.
The Aggro-Dome, like the Smokatoium and Resyk, is a seperate purpose built building.

Stores in the Enterance Plazas and Mall levels of Citiblocks would look like a modern day mall, except there would be kneepad shops and hottie stands, maybe an ugly clinic, possibly a shuggy hall (though I'd keep these as seperate 1-level small buildings in the 'tweenblock plazas or on city-bottom back streets to give them that seedy feeling)
One other thing I would add if you are going for a citiblock level - give it a name (say,'Al Pacino Block) and have the enterence Plaza have some kind of 'Welcome to Al Pacino Block' desk / area, with pictures and information themed around a 22nd view of the person the Block is named after - maybe even the whole level could be sort of themed around the idea Mega Citizens might have about the Blocks name. So, for an Al Pacino Block, I'd have Scarface posters, 20th century gangster style theme bars, perfume stores named 'Scent of a Woman' - that kind of thing :)
Hello there ,
Wow a complete city block-OMG thats an impressive project .
By my reckoning the height in game size woulb be about 8-10 feet high and around 6 square foot wide .
A super thought but where will you store it ?
The game area i made for the rheindahlen rooms wargames show took me four months to make including painting .
A few tips....
Draw plans of what you are going to create
Get in a large supply of card , polystyrene ect.
Blag some house paint (white matt) and a large pot of PVA glue
invest in a hot wire cutter.
Have a look at my picture of Mega city one on this forum
good luck
John 8)