Thank You


I was able to get a copy of Paranoia XP (SP 1) and got to run it for the first time tonight. I just wanted to thank Mongoose, Allen Varney and all else involved for bringing back one of my favorite games.

I should be demoing my first game of it in the next couple of weeks but I only have the original release.

Not that I'm complaining mind. Friend Computer provides all we need.

Allen Varney said:
You're welcome. How did the game go?

As far as the rules and 90% of the players, it went great. I ran the adventure that saulres came up with using the Mission Blender (I have the ref screen and Crash Priority on order), and it was very amusing..especially when my wife's character tried to open a box of tacnuke cone rifles shells with a laser..<g> (released radioactivity in a room already filled with crazed flesh-eating PLC clerks and nerve gas is a wonderful thing...) One of the players is a way-too-serious-ultra-competitive type, and he kinda ruined the mood a bit. A few more brainscrubs and repeated Paranoia XP therapy and he should be ok.

The thing that I noticed was just how well designed the game is. It flowed well, and of course simple rules are easier to ignore :) I made a few procedural errors here and there, but I'm sure no one knew but me. And if they did...kill the bastards! :)