Thank you for not locking your PDF files


Banded Mongoose
I just wanted to say thank you for not locking your PDF files. I purchased the Humble Bundle a month or so ago. I then downloaded the FAQ from your site. While there weren't that many changes, I found that I could edit the Rule Book to incorporate the changes in the FAQ. (Some of those changes had already been made.)

The only edit that was difficult was replacing the ship floorplans. No, it wasn't hard to replace the page in the book. But when I edited the page number, the font wasn't the same as all of the other page numbers. But that's more an example of my being excessively picky.

(I suppose it helps that I have Adobe Acrobat Pro on my desktop at work. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to justify subscribing to the program once I retire.)
I’d really like to encourage this as well. If you simply want to read a 2-page spread on some devices, it simply requires access to be able to insert a blank page to get them aligned correctly. Along with everything else, in terms of formatting/editing, you should be able to organise own bought files as you wish. I really do encourage that they are always kept unlocked for customer use.