Tennets of Kai and Ishir.

Silver Fox

I know that they are the 'good' gods of the Lone Wolf universe, but what do they actually stand for and what are their principle tennets?

Are they described anywhere in detail in the gamebooks (I can't remember them being set out anywhere)?

I know Kai, the sun god is seen as the warrior god for Sommerlund and possibly most Magnamund nations, but Ishir, the moon goddess is a bit vague as to her role in the pantheon of the Lone Wolf world. Is she a healer or nature goddess and if so what are her followers taught about her?
A friend and I once kicked around some ideas for this (she asked "So I'm a warrior priest, yeah? What do I preach?" Frosty="Ummmm...").

We liked the idea that in Sommlending mythology Kai and Ishir are lovers, and enemies of Naar (who represents destruction).

Naar is more powerful than either Kai or Ishir alone, but he can't defeat their combined strength. (Obviously this is symbolic of a male and a female "defeating" death by procreating.)

In our mythology Kai represented the "masculine" aspects of growth (physical courage, expansion, exploration) and Ishir the "feminine" (emotional courage, nurturing, creating life). They basically represent flip sides of the same coin: humanity's continued existence versus a hostile universe.