Surgery - further damage calculation


Banded Mongoose
Hi all, new to MGT2 and this incarnation of the game is my favourite by far (I started with the little black books years ago)

I couldn't find an answer to this question through a search, only some discussion without a firm resolution so apologies if I've missed something!

Just looking for an 'official' interpretation/clarification on the "3 + the Effect of the Medic check" rule for additional damage.
If the Surgery check effect was -2, would it then be 3+(-2) = no additional damage, or 3+2= 5 points of additional damage?

Adding a minus to a plus uses up the plus before applying additional damage, meaning that not all failed surgery will result in further damage, there's a zone for surgery to fail but not make it worse.

I prefer 3 points of buffer myself, but I'm not sure how this would play out in practice with Medic skill levels or other factors.

Anything you can point me at that solidifies this would be very welcome.

The information I give here is for the Mongoose Traveller 2016 edition. In Chapter 4, "Encounters and Dangers", page 78, there is this paragraph:

Surgery: A Traveller who still has three damaged characteristics after first aid has been applied requires surgery. Surgery restores characteristic points just like first aid but if the check is failed the patient loses more characteristic points equal to 3+ the Effect of the Medic check. Surgery requires a hospital or sickbay. Once one characteristic is back to its maximum level the patient can benefit from medical care.

This was discussed by me and others somewhere in these Traveller Forums. The conclusion was that instead of a plus, a negative should be used. So, if the medic check failed with an effect of -1, the patient would lose 3--1 points (ie 4 points) of damage. If the medic check failed with an effect of -3, the patient would lose 3--3 (i.e. 6 points) of damage. A double negative becomes a plus. That is what I do these days.


Thanks Ian, I just couldn't decide which way it was meant to be applied.
Your feedback is very much appreciated, cheers!