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Superworld is a superhero-themed role-playing game published by Chaosium in 1983. Written by Basic Role-Playing and RuneQuest author Steve Perrin, Superworld began as one third of the Worlds of Wonder product, which also included a generic fantasy setting, "Magic World", and a generic science fiction setting, "Future World", all using the same core Basic Role-Playing rules. Only Superworld became a game in its own right.

Superworld is based on the traditional Chaosium Basic Role-Playing system, here augmented by super-powers.

Seven characteristics (Strength, Constitution, Size, Intelligence, Power, Dexterity, Appearance) are rolled with dice (2D6+6, rather the 3d6 used for many other Basic Role Playing games.) The sum of these characteristics gives a total of Hero Points used to buy super powers.

The super powers system follows the Champions model of powers that are described by their effects. For example, one does not buy "Laser Vision", but the effect "Energy Blast", and specifies that it is a laser emitted by the hero's eyes. Each effect can be modified by Advantages (less energy expenditure, for example) or Disadvantages (reduced number of uses, for example) which increase or reduce the cost of a power.

Hero Points can also be used to buy skills, or increase characteristics, for a super-strong character, for example. It is possible to get more Hero Points for character creation by choosing Disabilities for the character, such as Public Identity, Vulnerability to a Substance, Psychological Problems, etc. More Hero Points would be awarded for experience at the end of a game session.

The system functions in the same way as the other Basic Role-Playing games, by rolling percentile dice against skills. Lower rolls than needed can cause increased effect from Specials (equivalent to Impales in RuneQuest), or Criticals, and high rolls can cause critical failures (Fumbles). Combat rules have many options and take into account three types of energy for damage: Kinetic, Electric, and Radiation.

so how about a remake of super World if not V and V
Have a look at the "Basic Role Playing" book that will be published by Chaosium Inc. in the next couple of weeks/months. This book will include a lot of the SuperWorld things.

Can you imagine Basic Role Playing, including the demon summonings of Stormbringer, the sanity rules of Call of Cthulhu, the magic of Magic World (from Worlds of Wonder), the superhero abilities from Superworld, the psionics from ringworld, the futuristic weapons and science magic from Hawkmoon, etc. ???
Area51: I am unfamiliar with Superworld (I think I caught the wave during the Marvel FASERIP stage) but it sounds like a great system.

If you check out Signs and Portents 60 you'd find a combat breakdown for a new Superhero System (yes it is a plug. . . but I think it's up your alley) called The Chimaera Roleplaying Universe. Three basic stat areas, linked abilities based off of core abilities and a powers style system that is open to creativity. One core concept is to allow a player to create a character that they want to play, and allow the Director (GM) to work with that player to accomplish playability and enjoyment. The system is built to allow a character to be develop and grow along a Comic style plotline.

Check it out (Previews and S&P). Let me know what you think.

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Michael D. Murphy
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I would go for Wild Talents myself for a great Super Hero system.

I was not all that enamoured with Super World.
We played a few games of Superworld in our youths... but then we discovered the arcane customisable detail of Champions and have played that ever since... but I've always liked the logic and immediacy of Chaosium's experience system (still play RQ III - sorry Mongoose), so translated it into Hero's 3d6 mechanic.

Some very amusing modules for Superworld - 'Bad Medicine for Dr Drugs', for example. Heh.