Sunflower Breakfast Café 16th September


Who's up for round two?

Just copy the names above into your post and write your own name after.


Har har har, I at least have tops that show my nickname!

Im sure tho that digger may have fun if you turn up naked :twisted:
I suppose I will wear my glorious Mongoose Infantry T-shirt. Everyone knows what I look like anyway - I'm the short pale one with glasses.
Tank said:
Doesnt that deserve a kicking???? :lol:
He'll see one day!!! YOU'll ALL SEE!! I don't need you, or anybody else! I'm gonna MAKE IT on my OWN!!!!!!!!!

And yes, Tank, I would give Burger a kicking, if I could. Or I'd even give it a go if I could give a wittle bunny wabbit a kicking.
Reborn if you're to give anyone a kicking you'll need to be carrying around a set of steps!!!