Starship Operator's Manual Feedback

14. Commons (p.162) While all three ships are referenced in the table, with ship specific items for both Animal and Empress, only Suleiman has an accompanying image.

And according to both High Guard and p.135-136 in this book, Suleiman scouts don’t have a common area (which is referenced in the office walkthrough on p.144-145

That picture looks more appropriate for the Empress Marava or the Beowulf, that's certain, except the Empress would have a lift in that corner or a fresher, and a Beowulf would have more doors. The Classic and T5 style of deck plans for the Suleiman has a small common area that would fit this picture.
Page 153:
"The Animal’s power needs, greater than the other two vessels"
"The Empress Marava’s power plant resembles the Animal’s, despite its much lower power demands."

But... while the Animal has 105 power points and the Empress Marava only 90, the actual requirements are the same for basic, m-drive and j-drive (100 total), but the additional draws on the Animal add up to 4 - so without weapons it has 1 to spare, while the Empress Marava requires another 23 (of which 18 are weapons) so it's sort of the opposite - it's the Empress Marava that has more demands (and a clear deficiency) but the Animal's plant is larger... so those two statements are basically not correct.