SST Skirmish game (I know, it's been said before, but...)

Would you buy into an SST Skirmish game?

  • Yes, most definitely! Who wouldn't buy that?!

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  • Hmmm... It has potential, but I'd wait and see what was what.

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  • No, not interested! Got too much on my plate as it is.

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Yeah, I know, the idea is not a new one, but if we could get a skirmish game for SST, where your squad gets experience/advances, we could draw in more players to the full battle game! Well, at least in my area anyway! Think about it, you'd have the ability to field Marauders and other special equipment after a certain level is reached, bugs could improve stats/increase their numbers, not to mention the release of the Skinnies! A well rounded system, along the lines of GOMC1, would be awesome! (til then, I guess there's always "house-rules")
No, not a Kill team setup, but an actual skirmish game like Gangs of Mega City One. And anything would have to be better than the GW rules for Kill team! Talk about missing the mark!
darth_azabrush said:
You mean a Kill team ruleset for ST. Hope you don't cock it up like GW did for 40K!
I think a better GW comparison would be Necromunda (or Mordheim if you're more into fantasy)...Personally this style gaming was what caused me to make the transition from non-Live Action RPG to model gaming...the expirience and advancement system appealed to my RPG nature and the models apealed to my artistic side...