SST Drop ships


Can you start the game with a squad in the drop ship? IE Can I hold a squad in "reserve" inside the drop ship till it lands? Even if I'm using "Defend" as my tactic ( I have a bunker in the same army list)?

Also the drop ship says it has weapons that are "crew" weapons, does this mean they can't be fired unless the ship has a squad in it? And can the drop ship fire those weapons while it's landed?

Thanks in advance!
Crew weapons count as squad weapons if there are additional models in PBR (i.e. if there are men in the transport). Otherwise they count as pack weapons.

As for dropships, I believe they have to start on the table if you're using defend (since you must deploy everything) but obviously dont come on until the first air phase. Drop pods are a bit different because they have the option for delayed deployment (2nd air phase, or later)

There's nothing to stop the weapons firing when the boat is landed - just remember it has fixed forward fire arcs and that it becomes a ground unit and must obey LOS as such.
How about we compile a few of these questions and Email Matt? I'm still confused over drop pods and air units being in reserve, are they in addition to your attack reserves? i.e. all air units are considered in reserve, but does this come out of the reserves you are allowed, or is it extra? I think it's extra, as otherwise you'd only get flyers on attack tactics, but maybe not.
It's a good idea - drop pods sort of explain themselves with the delayed deployment rule in the rulebooks. You either start them on the table, or you have the choice to deploy them in the air phase of the first available turn (i.e. air phase turn 2) or turn 3 onwards, with a dice roll.

I'm not too sure about other air assets, really you should only be able to reserve them if your tactics allow it
I'd go with that (and I usually play MI), but I think maybe the rules could be read either way? I know in my earlier games we just brought air units in as reserves without thinking about it, this thread got us thinking though.
You can't have emplacements in attack, so can you have air units in reserve? I think maybe it's one of those rules you misread once and then it sticks. So we just aren't sure.