"Squadron" Campaigns

Those are the literally literary overpowering personalities.

Most would be people just doing their jobs, with a bunch of quirks.
Working on a similar idea for PbP. Its been on my backburner for awhile. I played this dungeoncrawl PbP where everyone ran their whole adventuring party. The pace was awesome and you never had to wait for anyone to post before something happened. So I figured with SOLO and all of the reams of solo adventuring stuff I've hoarded over the pandemic that might be a Traveller PbP that lasted. Basically using SOLO and solo-play mechanical components to run your own ship. But the people and adventures and all the rest would still be the GM so it wouldn't be a solo-play at all.

Been thinking about it for awhile and it may cure the curse of the Traveller PbP. Your crew will always be interested in what you want them to do so no more this PC looks into mercenary work, the other wants to open a bakery etc.
As a former naval officer, a current aerospace engineer, and "space navy" enthusiast, I find Frank Chadwick's "Chain of Command" a good recent entry into the genre.
1. It's inspired by some WW2 naval battles but not slavishly so.
2. His science is hard enough that I don't have to tranquilize my professional brain.
3. His characters could be people I served with.
4. He's got a believable proportion of incompetents, uber-competents, and people just doing their jobs at all levels. He doesn't vilify the admiralty, or the officers, or the enlisted, or really anyone.

Good book and could give lots of inspiration for a Traveller campaign...especially a campaign of the type you describe.

If nothing else...the main character is on a battle rider and the ships are mostly full of hydrogen.