some GMing advise needed

Hi everybody,

Just got Paranoia XP at the weekend finally however although I've been playing Paranoia for a while now it has mostly been in bigger groups my current group only has three players and one GM (me) I'm not sure it will work with so few people I was hoping I could get some advise on the best way to run the game for a group this size will probly try and use the included mission

Well, first, you have to have three NPC's that are on their last clone... "6"

Tell the newly made Trouble shooters that these experianced clones are there to help them. Then have those three step onto the Brand new transbot at the platform before the old one hits it(this all happens at the beginning of the adventure at the end of the book.)

Then when they talk to the Computer next... of course blaim them some how, then give each of them the job of one of the dead members of the team, so now all three of them have two team responsabilitys....

And thats how I would handle it.

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With a small group, I suggest Straight play. It offers more opportunity to present fears from outside the group rather than within it -- though some wouldn't call that "opporunity" so much as "violation of the spirit of the game." But with fewer players, each individual PC will perforce be watching his back much less often, so you might as well take advantage of that and put them through missions emphasizing suspense and survivability.
Thanks guys, extremly helpful will probably combine both suggestions, this is the edition of the game I've been waiting for to not play it would br treason
I'm at work and didn't read the names of the posters wow talk about proper game support, Allen you did a fine job on this edition I never thought I'd see 2nd editions equal and I intened to rush out and buy each new book when it comes out, I am yet another player who you have returned there favrote game too, anyway enough fan boy stuff thanks guys for the advise
Cool, I'm in the same situation (few players), so I was wondering about that too. Thanks to all, I have a much better idea of how to handle this now.