Small Craft Catalogue Previews - the Advertising Boat


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The Small Craft Catalogue will be available on the 27th of this month - and the first preview is of the Advertising Boat, with many more to follow.

Found outside many highports, this 10-ton craft is the very best way to advertise your spaceborne business. And a bargain at less than MCr3!

Advertising Boat_Mark Graham.png
An attempt to commercialise open space, this small craft uses a holographic hull to blast brightly coloured advertising messages to passing visitors and passenger vessels that have viewports. Flitting slowly around highports and public space stations on barely legal flight plans, much to the consternation of traffic control, the only purpose of this craft is to advertise the services and products available after ships have docked. Any business within the highport can purchase ‘screen time’ on the side of the advertising boat and despite the sometimes perceived crassness of this approach, it can be a popular one. Cabin space on board is sometimes used to give potential advertising clients a pleasure trip around the highport to demonstrate the value of this craft and its services.
How frequently can the image be changed/updated? Would it be possible to use this as a flying video screen at sporting events, or concerts?
What would a sandcaster round do to a holographic hull? Asking for a friend.
Probably not much. A direct hit on one of the projectors might knock that part of the holographic projection out but wouldn't effect the rest of the image. Though they are spread out so the chance of one actually being hit in a given attack isn't that great.
(ウント グット)In case you need a firearm that Wont Gutt!

That said if the agency I work for could get some of those, they would do it in an instant.
I'm sure some ad manager is thinking "Only 10 tons, we need to think bigger people!".
Give it a beam-cast radio array so it can project adds to peoples' peresonal comms and advanced EM sensors and a profiling expert system so it can analyzee what they'll want to buy!
I guess that depends on how close the holographic image needs to be to the ship. A 10m range gives you a 20m diameter sphere to fill.
Some ad manager "It got to be so big and bright that it out shines the sun and can be seen all over the solar system!"