Small Craft Catalogue Preview - The Short Shuttle


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Here in just 2 weeks, the Small Craft Catalogue features, among others, the Short Shuttle.

At 60 tons, this craft is space travel on the cheap - return tickets from orbit can be less than Cr50!

Also, a surprise release is coming at the end of this week...

Short Shuttle_Mark Graham.png
Designed for economic flight from surface to orbit or, at most, from planet to moon, the short shuttle is spaceflight done cheaply. It is typical of the commercial craft that appear once a civilisation discovers grav and manoeuvre drive technology, but its type remains in service across Charted Space due to it inexpensive design. Purchase and running costs are so low that it is not unusual to see orbital return tickets offered for less than Cr50, or simply given free as part of an interstellar middle passage ticket.