Small Craft Catalogue Preview - The Shrine Ship


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Are you a great and noble Aslan warrior needing to pay respects to your ancestors? A visiting Shrine Ship will be just the ticket, coming in the Small Craft Catalogue next week!

It comes in at 80 tons and MCr24.08, but can you really put a price on honour?

Akhoilaw Shrine Ship_Gabriel Vissichelli.png
On occasion, a clan will build a dedicated shrine ship, a craft where visiting Aslan can pause and consider the actions of their ancestors. The large Shrine of Heroes on this ship will be replete with statues of renowned ancestors, art of their great deeds, and demonstrations of how their actions resonate through the clan today. Shrine ships are considered deeply sacred to the Aslan and the desecration – or, worse, destruction – of one is a guaranteed way to bring many warbands of Aslan warriors, ihatei and otherwise, down upon you.