Small Craft Catalogue - Fighter Hangar Module


It says the module can hold 2 10 ton fighters.

Each square is .5 tons. If we use the 10 ton Light Fighter (1 square is .5 ton) from High Guard 2022 Update, it looks like the fighter is basically a triangle 10 squares high by about 18 squares wide.

How do you fit 1 in the bay let alone 2?

Does this module float free and acts as mounting points for the fighters?

The Fighter Frame Module (High Guard Update 2022) seems to have this issue as well, but it shows 4 docking points for 4 fighters.
That's one of the caveats of Traveller. As long as you have the required displacement you can fit anything.
For your conundrum, you can just consider that it only works with a specific fighter that have folding parts (like our carrier-based aircrafts) & the right shape.
Pick a needle hull configuration.

The way I read the design rules, you can't fold anything.

Maybe pop up turrets.
In general a Docking Space is for a specific craft with perhaps an inch of clearance.

High Guard'17 had generic Docking Facilities (≈garage) that are much larger:
High Guard'17, p60:
Docking Facility
The largest space stations are capable of receiving ships within internal bays. This provides ships with protection and makes their repair or the transfer of goods and passengers much easier.

This kind of docking facility consumes three tons for every ton of the largest ship it is capable of handling or the total tonnage of ships it can handle at any one time (so, a 6,000 ton docking facility can hold ships totalling up to 2,000 tons).

For every ton they consume, docking facilities cost MCr0.25. They also need 1 crewman for every 100 tons.