Traveller Spine Codes


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For anyone looking for the spine numbers and their order, this will be updated periodically :)

Core Books (Hexagon) –​

  1. Traveller Core Rulebook (2016, 2022)
  2. Central Supply Catalogue (2016, 2022)
  3. High Guard (2016, 2022)
  4. Vehicle Handbook
  5. Traveller Companion
  6. Field Catalogue
  7. Specialist Forces
  8. Robot Handbook
  9. World Builder’s Handbook
  10. Animals and Ecosystems

Charted Space (Triangle) –​

  1. Behind the Claw
  2. Sword Worlds
  3. Skandersvik
  4. Aliens of Charted Space 1
  5. Aliens of Charted Space 2
  6. The Glorious Empire
  7. The Solomani Front
  8. The Third Imperium
  9. Aliens of Charted Space 3
  10. Mercenaries of Charted Space
  11. Secrets of the Ancients
  12. The Spinward Extents
  13. Aliens of Charted Space 4
  14. Order of Prometheus
  15. The Trailing Frontier
  16. The Imperial Navy
  17. Rim Expeditions
  18. Mysteries of the Ancients
  19. Wrath of the Ancients

Campaigns (Square) –​

  1. Deepnight Revelation: Riftsedge Transit
  2. Deepnight Revelation: The Near Side of Yonder
  3. Deepnight Revelation: The Crossing
  4. Deepnight Revelation: The Far Side of Nowhere
  5. Deepnight Revelation: Voidshore
  6. Deepnight Revelation: Expeditions
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Animals and Ecosystems? Ooh, nice!

And Rim Expeditions? Is this, I wonder, the project connected to the fleshing out of Storr Sector on Traveller Map?


Cosmic Mongoose
Can I confirm that Aliens of Charted Space 3 is actually the 9th book in the Charted Space series? I thought it was Secrets of the Ancients which I am sure was released beforehand. It may affect my next purchase!


From my library, I can confirm Secrets of the Ancients is #11. I can only surmise Aliens of Charted Space is #9. And the Mongoose Publishing peeps confirmed #9 above.