slaine resources celtic fighting styles

toothill man

a few people have tryed too recreate the combat styles of the celtic warriors and these are there sites-
heheh, my thinking is always key to my victory....thats a very unceltic like fighting style though

ive seen braveheart, ive seen mass scale war

its all chaos...
must amit the celtics (unless the fir domain) never were a very organised bunch far more suited too one on one combat and combat among tribal champions :twisted:
definately do...lmao

but one should never underestimate unarmed combat feat... good feat..

i made a character a few months ago for baseline D&D, an attempt to make a monkish like character, without playing a monk..

made a 3rd level fighter... gave him some fairly cool feats from the base book... things like unarmed combat, deflect arrows (i think), combat reflexes, and i do beleive i was well on my way to giving him weapon specialization unarmed, and i think he even had stunning fist..

the point to the character was to really just have a