Teeth of the Moon-sow Campaign...

Thinking of running a "Slaine : A Game of Celtic-Heroes" and using the above mentioned adventure campaign. While it informs me that I need 1st & 2nd leve characters from the Fir-Domain tribe.

As a fan of more diversity in my adventuring party and assuming that they might also find it boring that players all need to be from the same tribe when they otherwise would have a choice of another three. Would it matter if they all weren't from the Fir-Domain tribe? Would changes have to be this module in order to accomodate other tribes or what? I would prefer to run my own module, but seeing as this is my first game and my first go at Game-Mastering. I would like just use this adventure first. Then when I have had enough in this, I would then devise a adventure module of my own.

This is my dream...


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This campaign is a personal favourite of mine :)

In practice, I don't think you will have any issues with them all coming from the Fir-Domain, as there is plenty of variety in terms of classes and options for players, and there is something to be said for keeping things simple.

Just my experience with the campaign :)
Good to know. Now, I am reading through the Fir-Domain Tribe source book. The Warriors of Cymidu certainly sound interesting. Are they allowed to be warped?

My only other question for this time being is what happens if the one player character that knows how to read/write in Oghams gets killed or dies?
I assume that Warped Ones being as a human sub-type & Sons of Cymidu as closely related to humans are not close enough to be Warped-Ones. That's my personal rule.
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