Shem slave trade.

Judge Walker

Where would the largest slave market be in Shem? Working on the background for a game, and that is where the PC's will be headed...not as buyers, however. :)
In the Road of Kings is said that "virtually all Shemite cities and markets have a slave block" I would say go with the largest cities. In the east Shushan and in the west Asgalun. 8)
Turan seems to be bigger on slavery than Shem. IMC the largest slave markets are in Aghrapur and Khawarizm though they have a very different feel than the slave-blocks of Shem.

Thanks. I ll probably go with Asgalun.

I read about that in the description, and was thinking of Tauran, but I wanted a desert background to start the story off, so I decided on Shem instead.