Setting up Ships on the battlefield


I´ve read several times through the Rulebook and SFOS but I don´t find a text how to set up Ships on the Battlefield.

Does first one side put all ships on the Battlefield and then the other side, or dos one side put one ship on the battlefield then the other side one ship and so on ?
You roll for initiative at the beginning of the game. The person who loses places all his ships on the board. Then the person who wins places all of his. Within the deployment restrictions of the scenario being played.

Unless the specific scenario says something different, but this is the normal approach.

Cpt Kremmen
Got it in one Captain, You usually make an intiative roll to see who sets up first (or chooses to, remember winning an intiative oll gives you the choice, you don't have to set up or move second).

You then make another initiative roll as normal for the first turn movement and away you go.

Has anyone else tryed the old warhammer way of setting up? Were you each sketch a map of the table, then draw on were you place your ships, then show each other. It has to be one of my favourate ways of setting up. I have tryed it a few times with acta and it works well. To avoid the issue with loosing scout bonus you can just make it that who ever has the most scouts gets to reposition one ship/squadron afer setup has been revealed.
Every pakmara would tell you it's like a good wine, let it age a bit before consuming it :D
But seriously, I recomend trying the sketch map style of setup. It really makes you think about your ships abilities and what you want your ships to do during the battle, and not just react to were your oponants ships are.