Session Two - Sacred Rites of the Lava Mesa Ape Men

Arkobla Conn

<Apologies for length - it was an awesome game session lasting only 2.5 hours>

In our last episode (detailed in Koveg Re leads to Ape men), we found our heros decending into a mountainous mesa stronghold (long abandoned by civilized men) in pursuit of those that stole their ladies. Juliana and Tirah have been captured and Raz (Cimm Barb), Rahze (Sty Schlr), Maja (Hyr Nom/Nob), Hadrathus (Boss Archer), Bogdan (NPC) and the Zamoran thief (multiple psuednyms) chase after. The first session ended just after a conflict that took place between two platforms spanned by multiple vines.

The stronghold/temple/whatever has a defense mechanism engineered that includes a oblong (and man made) hole going from aboug 20 feet below the initial entrance down nearly 100 feet. The PC crossed it once with nearly disasterous results (Maja nearly fell). The steps on the opposite platform turned again and came upon a similiar room 30 feet below the first. It too consisted of two platforms, but it was spanned by a single large log. The log was fairly smooth from use and was very easy to move left and right. (Indeed, the room is designed to allow the log to roll back and forth). Our intrepid band used packs and the cimmerians climbing skills to secure the log before beginning the crossing. This time, 3 people crossed without much incident. (The Stygian fell, but was saved by the rope and strength of Barberous arms)

By curious fate, Lady Maja was crossing again when four ape men attacked. Unfortunately for the group, She had fallen again, and was hanging upside down by her belt when they stormed from the staircase leading down. As the Stygian and Zamoran held one side and Bogdan held the other, Raz tried to proect those on his ledge while the Bossonian fired arrows from his. Maja, adreline flowing, was able to make her way to the far side and everyone fell to combat - the lady attacking one of the ape men from the ground near the ledge.

A loud scream - Julianna's (from Korvag Re), pierced the room and Bogdan (also from that mod) risked crossing the log without a secure rope. (One end was tied to him, the other was through Maja's belt and laying on the far ground.) He made it most of the way before missing a step and plummeting off the log into the inky dark chasm. His screams were drowned out by the lound clangor of melee and many missed his accident...including Maja. As she was being lifted up and toward the ledge, Rahze the Scholar saw what had happened and threw himself on her. It was not enough. Both were pulled over the side of the ledge!

Time stands still in moments where death is immenent. Unbeknownst to everyone, one of the ape men was standing on the loose end of the rope. As he was killed by the archer, his foot let go of the final length. As Maja and Rahze grabbed for and grasped the edge, The thief, saw that it was going to either knot up in Maja's belt (disaster!) or snake through and over the log before disappearing with the lost Bogdan. It slid through the belt of the lady and began the final zip over the log. An unbelievable throw of a dagger arrested the rope about 4 feet from it's end causing the falling body to yank on the log, causing it to flip and land askew (crushing one of the backpacks). By curious coincidence, there was a ledge below the lip of the side and the hanging pair were able to get up. During all of this, Raz and the Bossonian were able to defend the group from the Ape men.

Retrieving the rope (and finding it cut and shortened by almost ten feet), the group mourned the loss of Bogdan, but continued screams from Julianna propelled them onward.

Down another 30 feet, another pair of ledges spanning the chasm invited them to try their luck again. This time, a single sturdy fine was available for swinging. Despite fears, everyone made it across before another group of 4 ape men attacked and were dispatched. Hurrying on, the group found themselves in a large chamber.

In the chamber, there were several key things. The first was the termination of the chasm. The second was Bogdan, being held captive by an ape man who watched the others. Julianna was stripped bare and lashed spread eagled on an ancient stone that could once have been an alter. An ape man with a flame knife was preparing to sacrifice her, but he waited while another abused her in a most foul way. (Tis a mature, adult group we have - apologies for any offense given). In the background, Tirah hung upside down, also naked, above an open lava chimney. Another Ape man was moving toward her to cut her bonds.

Three more gaurds rounded out the field of opponents.

Raz made a beeline for Tirah, fighting through gaurds and opening himself to attacks of opportunity. While he did so, Tirah punched at the wizened ape man and landed several solid blow even as she swung upside down.

Bogdan broke free of his captor as the Bossonian and Maja rushed to help Julianna. She was screaming from the assault she was enduring and from the flame knife that periodically stabbed down at her. She could move just enough to avoid those stabs (they were also mistargetted due to the attacks the 'priest' ape was taking from the heros.

In the back ground, the Stygian and the Zamoran fought gaurds, with the scholar finally realizing that the only way he would survive the conflict was to expend his power in a defensive blast. When no one else could see the initial event, he triggered the detonation much to everyone's surprise, killing his two assailiants. He blamed the event on the apes, but dubious looks at the way he was unmarked (save soot and slight burns) while the apes were charred husks spoke of how well his story was believed.

In the end, everyone was saved and the group was left with several key questions...

How did Rahze survive the blast unharmed?
How did Bogdan survive the fall? (a well used fate point)
How will they get out?
Thanks SS

It really was - there was lots of tension - die rolling - attacks, misses, near fatalities and miracle saves! My favorite sessions are when I almost kill everyone...and I end up killing no one!

I hear ya!
Great story, if you don’t mind ill take some Q’s for my own campaign, we’ve just finished a big chapter and am looking for ideas to continue,
Thanks! Keep posting your session notes!
Borysko would be proud!
Thanks Bel - I will...And take anything you might want to use. If you have questions - let me know!

Here are some of the comments from the players since I sent them the write up...

Lady Maja (played by a lady of course)

It was fun, entertaining.. full of danger, peril, and sex... who could ask for more? MORE PLEASE!!! lol


I agree! The added suspense of one and then two of our party almost
plummeting to their deaths was highly exciting! Fun was had by all!

Lady Maja

You only say that, because it wasn't your char's which kept falling
off of logs, vine bridges and over cliffs.... plummeting 30-some feet and
getting bitten by a large white snake! Or... or worse... spiders!!!!
Thank goodness for Rahze on that one! EEEEK!

Well that is true! I forgot you were bitten by that snake! But you came out of it no worse for wear!

Lady Maja
yeah.. for now. Watch, Maja will probably grow scales, eyes turn golden and slitted, have a long forked tongue and have a craving for small rodents. yuckie!

(EVIL GM LAUGH...oh yea!)
That was a great session! It played like a Matt Reilly (sp?) Novel. I hope they stay that way!
I second that... it ROCKED! Arkobla is an awsome GM. I can't wait for next week to see what happens. Oohhh... that would probably be getting back out over all the logs and vine bridges... Gah! *cries* My poor character is horrible at dex and climb checks!!!
Maja...Perhaps you should bring Chapstick to the next session. You may need it after kissing Arkobla's butt like that. I don't think he will give you a break because of it! But its worth a shot. You do have a lot of bridges to cross. lol :twisted:
Speaking of sucking up, you should write a more lengthy summarization of our adventures to include more details of Hadrathus's valiant deeds!
*instead of chapstick, Maja uses bright red lipstick to kiss up to the GM* Hehehe.. anything so that my char doesn't fall off the face of the earth... or vine bridges.. and plummets to her death!