A Ship Lookin' For A Fight


Emperor Mongoose
I put this in the 'Whatever' file because it isn't particularly Traveller, but the 5th FW is due out in a month or so and that does have me thinking of capital ships in space.

"Any particular beauty that might be found in her was wholly secondary to her primary function: to detect, identify, and engage her enemies, winner take all. But for professional sailors, she was a pageant queen, a work of art in haze grey. Her bows hung over the pier like a guillotine blade, and her superstructure was all quirky angles and electronics masts. From stem to stern, she was a floating mass of weaponry, systems, engines, and the sailors that manned them. She was a fast, fierce ship and she was about to go lookin' for a fight"
-- Tom Clancy

That is how I imagine a 'proper' warship ought to be described, whether she be a Azhanti High Lighting-class, a Star Destroyer, or this little gem, the USS Ares.
For those unaware, Star Trek Axanar has finished filming and is now in the hands of the editors and she is on track for a summer release. And she is indeed, 'a ship lookin' for a fight'....


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