Series characters outside the series

CharlieMonster said:
Anyone know what species he is?

I don't think it's ever mentioned, I can't remember the episode, but when Londo is being plagues by insects in his quarters, he says something like "I do not like bugs, well apart from the "X", but only because they are terrible at cards, something to do with compound eyes, I think!" Must track down the episode, because N'Grath is probably one of them. It might've been Vendrezi. I'll get back to you.

According to Babylon 5 Scriptbook Volume 6, Londo says the "Vinzini" are terrible at cards

Thanks lbh! That saves me re-watching that episode. I love the show, but that's also the episode with Vir's wife, and she just creeps me the heck out.

Heh speaking of canon characters beyond the series, she might make an interesting addition somewhere. Totally innocent and also evil from most moral viewpoints could be a fun (for the GM) complication. What sort of complication I have no idea at the moment, but she's crazy enough to complicate PC lives without even meaning to.
(though I have to assume N'Grath is good at cards...can you be a crime lord and be bad at cards?)

I think it is just possible to run a crime empire without playing cards, I might be wrong.*

*As if!
CharlieMonster said:
Ironheart's little Buddy I don't think they ever gave him a name, but he was the leader of the "Blips" in "A Race through Dark Places" and spoke to Garibaldi about Petrovich's murder in "Chrysalis". It was hinted he was a powerful teep.

I stuck his name into the Psi Corps book, but I can't recall what it was offhand and I'm away from my computer.