Conan Characters Revealed for the New Conan Movie


Ron Perlman has replaced Mickey Rourke for the role of Corin, Conan’s dad. Stephen Lang - who played the villain from Avatar - is going to play the villainous warlord Khalar Zym. Rachel Nichols is love interest Tamara. Rose McGowan is going to be Marique the Witch. (FYI, the ladies are really sexy, and the producers are pushing for a R-rating :wink:) A newer picture has been releases of Jason Momoa as Conan:


Now that looks fierce!
Not to sound gay, but I kinda like the more naturally muscled Conan physique of the new Conan. The Roided out Conan of the past was so unrealistic.

As for Rose McGowan, hubba hubba hubba, what a hottie, and she always has a devilish glare in her, perfect for a witch!

PS: is Jason Momua some kind of a Polynesian descent?
I agree. The stills from this flick are encouraging. I've gone from "It's gonna SUCK!" to "I'm really looking forward to seeing this".

I'm optimistically cautious.
By the way, I found that pic here. The guy who runs that blog likes how the actor is taking his part really seriously, but is doubtful that the writer and producers would do the same. Their is also a link about how promoters are going to conventions to gain fan-support.

By the way, Rachel Nichols also played Scarlet from G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra. Being a big fan of the classic Joe comics, I can tell you that RoC was a perfect example film adaptation gone horribly wrong. Before the movie came out, screenplay writers bases most of their info on the cartoon (which was goofy as hell), and tried to change things to make the fiction better (or even retarded levels of political correctness), and then tried to make the movie more towards established canons (after much outcry by fans), it was such a tack-on job, that the movie failed miserably! I'm not implying that she would drag the movie down, but I'm just noting this movie as an example of how Hollywood like to f*ck things up for a quick buck. Beyond that, I still have high hopes for the Conan movie.

For the folks who are not familiar with the actresses attached to this film, this is the Maxim hottie Rachel Nichols:

...and this is former Charmed actress Rose McGowan in a scant runway dress:

(now that stygian witch can 'charm my snake' anytime! :wink:)