Blood on the Snow, A DW Adventure under construction

Sir Brad

Banded Mongoose
Working on a DW Adventure for 4-6 2nd-3rd (or powerful 1st) rank characters, it's meant to slot between Shadow on the Mist and Hunters Moon.

Overview: Barron Alfred one evening during winter calls the characters aside and tells them that someone who he believes is Earl Montombre has bean backing various Bandit and Marauder Bands that have bean plaguing his lands in the past few years, he can produce a number of Steel Ingots who's foundry mark have bean almost obliterated he said they came from Montombre's smelters and sacks of fairly new silver and copper coins minted in Montombre lands, all these where taken from Orcs by adventures working out of Axbridge, this he tells them is enough to suspect Montombre (as if he didn't already) but not to go before the king. he has identified a number of bands winter quarters hear in his north eastern lands and wants the Party to Raid or possibly destroy one and capture the ring leaders. Barron Alfred had originally planed to move against them with his Army when the weather cleared in the Spring or early Summer but the thing with the Orcs could mean Montombre and his Co-conspirators plan to move sooner rather than later. Barron Alfred tells them that a handfull of Men (& Women) with the right skills backed up by a bit of magic striking with surprise in the dead of winter could do the work of a company of Men at Arms headed by Knights in the regular Campaigning Season. With the Bandit problem dealt with he can reinforce his southern border and deter War, But if it is to be War his Army will be redy and he will not have to fear a Bandit uprising in the North when Montombre attacks in the south. He also tells them he has other teams going after other Bandit Camps at the same time.

If the players ask what numbers they should face he sais only one or two dozen and all will be the worst Villains or provokers from Montombre's lands as those who can winter in the towns and villages will be doing so.

about those hiding among the people won't they still be a threat come summer? No they won't, most wont be brave enough to return to banditry with their leaders gone, and those that are will be fools working in small groups that will be easy pray for the Barron's men.

on payment? the Bandits the Barron has chosen for the Party alone has taken tens of thousands of Florrons in Money, Livestock and Goods in the past year, now most of it will have already bean sent south, used up or paid off to those hiding among the Barron's people, but their should be enough remaining to make it worth the characters wile, and what of it due him he already considers lost so they are free to claim it for their own, then their are the Bounties that are likely on the heads of the Leaders and worst Villains, further he offers what he calls "Fair Bonus" on any of Montombre's men or proof of the involvement of Montombre (but is deliberately vague about the exact sum).
Due to some Work issues this one is going nowhere for now, but I'm still trying, I hope to get back to it soon, but ATM I'm having better luck finding the two to three hours and Inspiration to wright & post quick Intro Adventures like "Stick that in your Pipe!"