Scrolls of Skelos errata


II'm reading the scrolls of skelos now and ...well perhaps someone has answered this but there are my questions (and i haven´t finished the book yet):
1. Vampire transformation:
Experience point cost : 75.000XP....What´s that... a joke of some kind???? You need to have 14 levels of scholar to cast this spell because of the prerequisites (magic attack bonus +7 or higher) and then if you cast will lose more. In d20 rules you can´t cast an spell or magic item that makes you loose a level because of the Xp lost...I think this must be an errata....or at leat this spell is not well balanced.

2. Craft New life:
Benefit: you apply the child of jhebbal sag template to your character..
Obviously this is an errata so..we need the true benefits for this feat.

3 In the scrolls of skelos comes the aberration template (Hit Dice, base attack bonus, and skill points) to use with creating aberration section but under the "creation new life" section says that these other are magical beasts...well..where are the magical beast template???.
That makes me question...where are the templates for all these creatures that comes in the rulebook.(outsiders, etc...)In the rulebook explains how to advance these creatures but the skill points are lost and if a creture gains a new level also gains skill points.
Perhaps some of you have the D&D Monster manual and that is not a problem but...i'havent the book and it is a problem.
That makes me think that the conan has lost a lot of rules...we haven't teh damage for falls, the environment damage ( cold, fire), the skills for the advancement level of creatures and the explanation for these characteristics (what the hell means that one creature is an outsider demon??)
only search in your rulebook in the pg 325. Risen dead. . Special qualities: Undead. And that means...what??? because in the special qualities and abilities on pg 296 only comes the impproved grab and the invisibility. :evil:
I know question number 2 was answered in the Rulesmasters Forum though I can't remember exactly the correct wording of the feat. You might want to do a search of that forum.

Eldren said:
2. Craft New life:
Benefit: you apply the child of jhebbal sag template to your character..
Obviously this is an errata so..we need the true benefits for this feat.

Benefit: You attempt to play God and create new life. This feat is used in accompanyment with the Vats - Creating new life (see page 36).

At the following link you may find the d20 system, for free!!
(Just look for the All in one 2.2 mbytes doc)

It's located on the Wizards of the Coast official page, so it seems they have acted nicely this time, instead of thinking in $$$$ as usual.

I think it is the section abot "types, subtypes and special abilities" where you get to know what an aberration or undead are.

PS: I hope I made myself clear, but given you are from Spain I may talk in spanish if my bad english is not enough :wink: .
Thanks Maximo, ì've just downloaded it.
and don´t worry your english is quite clear...better than mine :D
Well, that 75,000 experience portion might be a typo. I think they meant 750,000 experience.

75,000 XP isn't all that bad, especially with all the benefits that scholar will enjoy. Increase of all stats, a massive HP boost, Healing ability, etc...

Who said this was dnd anyway?
oh, of course yo spent half your life to become the most powerful sorcerer and then you loose 4 levels because of the ritual.
heh...benefits???....i don´t think they make up for the magic, power points and all the loss.
and right it´s not d&d but are the d20 rules.
I think if you want to become a vampire you start "hoarding" XP in a different "slot" which is used to fuel Vampire Transformation. Stored points for purpouse of the Vampire Transformation would be useless for gaining levels, though.

For example, if you were 14th level and for some odd reason you gained 70000 XP at once, you would be able to use them to go up one level -that accounts for 14000 XP- and then store 56000 XP for your Vampire Transformation.

Hey, it seems to be the old wizard retirement plan :lol:

This way you would never lose levels.

Hope this helps.
Hey, it seems to be the old wizard retirement plan :shock: :shock:

Another thing is makind the experience pool in the coven with all the aprentices and the other wizards hoarding Xp...when they have 75000 stored then the master of the coven makes the ritual and becomes a vampire...then he "bites" everybody in the coven (i imagine this other way should be for free) :twisted:

or borrowing it to the bank :p
We had a character undergo the ritual in one game I played in. We also did it with her not gaining a level until she had "Caught up" to her ECL which is Character Level + 4 (for being a vampire). Way overpowered, way broken, she got bored, we got bored, game just kinda had no challenge after that. The DM was giving away powerful goodies to everyone for succeeding on a simple spot check or having a halfway creative idea on something to do in the game and in the end we just kinda disbanded the armies and went home.
New game going on and it is fairly entertaining so far, but I would definitely enforce the ECL penalty and the 75000 xp required with the level loss in place for the caster. It is an incredibly difficult, dangerous and powerful ritual to cast and that should be reflected.
At any rate, that's my 2 copper's worth.
Now, I don't have the Srolls of Skellos book, but, isn't most of those spells/rituals hard to come by? If pansy weaklings can just stumble upon them, then I'm sure there are 1,000,000's of vampires out there now.

Just my 2 yen. (worth less than 2 cents)
That's why there are other limiters like XP costs and such. As I understand it, much of the magic in Skelos IS rare, but they represent that by having it be limited to high level casters.
Lots of it is stuff like Animate Sword or Animate Statue. Unusual, but I doubt it is rare.
The Book is just an overview of magic in general, not an actual recreation of The Book of Skelos as REH wrote them or something like that.

Hope that helps,