RuneQuest Companion - Preview!

RosenMcStern said:
Hmm, I cannot see any actual reference to sacrificing POW to gain any individual spells in the preview. I think the idea is that you lose POW on initiation rituals and on acquiring special powers (feats?), not to get each spell. This also explains the outrageous prices.

I'm cyurious as to the economic system in MRQ. THe weapon chart preview gave prices that were identical to RQ3, so I considered the money and economics rules were about the same (why not, they were pretty good and internally consistient).

With the costs for Divine MAgic, MRQ is either going to be upping the amount of money in RQ, or Divine Magic is going to be limited to low point spells by pricing.

I wonder what the costs are going to be for hiring someone to cast spells for you in MRQ. Like when you stop off at the temple of Chalana Arroy for a Battle/Spirit/Rune Magic Healing 2?
RosenMcStern said:
New Sorcery has split Multispell in Target and Combine skill, which is fine, but it does not use the new Sandy Petersen's rules. A pity, since they fit Glorantha better than this form of ruleset.

I'm also a big fan of Sandy Petersen's sorcery rules, but I think those rules are too difficult to learn for a "mainstream" game. My major complaint here is that it seems they kept the "1 spell = 1 skill" rule. I'd prefer a shorter list of skills combining similar spells. For instance, a "Sorcery (Fire)" skill would let you cast Animate (Fire), Invoke (Fire), Resist (Fire). Maybe with an "Ars magica-like" split between verbs (Move, Resist, Create, etc...) and Nouns (Fire, Air, Mind, etc...).

However, I hope the enchant rules will look a little more like SP's rituals rules. I mean with a more reasonable POW cost, and mechanisms adapted for each magic type.