Runequest at Rondaks Portal


My time of playing Runquest and other RPGs around a table with a few friends are done - family and work just took priority. A friend and I still play Runequest using It is free, GMs do it for fun. The media may be slow, but with a regular turn-around I find it a good source for my RPG fix.

I'm currently running the Masters of Luck and Death game (under Runequest) and have a couple of player slots still free if anyone is interested. (Setup a userid on Rondaks, dream up a character and put in an application:) If I fill up is there anyone out here who fancies running another RQ game on Rondaks?

I would also like to try to geta show of hands on how many would be interested in using this type of web-media to play Runequest (or other Mongoose games.) ???? Anyone got an opinion (runs for flack-jacket.)

In my spare time I'm discussing the possibility of upgrading the current Rondaks Runequest games to the up and coming release of Runequest from Mongoose - do you think this would help promote and introduce players to the game?

Enough from me for now, take care all, Don. aka Tieneka.
I know that both the Runequest games running (and their are only two at the moment) only have 1 spare character slot each.

If anyone is interested, you can either setup a username at Rondaks and message me there, or leave a PM here and I will pass on my email details.

kind regards, Don.

Runequest game, fun, friends, free:) using RQ3 rules, but I was weaned on RQ2. - Who's game?