RQ releases - What Gives?

Can anyone shed any light as to why the RQ new releases have suddenly gone back by a month? Given that the game is in it's in it's crucial first couple of months this could drive away many new players, especially given that the core set (i.e. core rules, companion & monsters) are not all yet available?
Judging from the books it looks like Mongoose does most of the printing in China, which can lead to all sorts of weird delays. (I deal with China production on a daily basis at my day job.)

I am a printer, and do not work for mongoose or their printer (unemployed at the moment), but I think 1 of 2 things happened both Industries slandered.

1. A company that had a rush job to be done, paid a fee in aditon to the cost of their normal print run to have their job put ahead of every one. Or...

2. They had to bump someone to fix a print run that was done wrong, and Mongoose were just unlucky to be that one.

We all have to undersatand that in the world of printing, RPG companies are small runs. So they get bumped by biggester runs.

These things happen all the time with RPG release dates.