Revising combat actions


I've been thinking about revising and extending the way combat actions work; especially in the light of some combat actions (e.g. Fighting Retreat) which seem overpowered. I really like the action/reaction system as I've seen it so far.

What I want to do is to spell out the actions more clearly, give each action a "type" (attack, defense, manoeuvre etc) and add a new, 5th, reaction "counter-act" which allows attempts to prevent maneouvre actions.

How I'm thinking it would look is something like this:

Fighting Retreat (manoeuvre/breakaway)
Target: one engaged foe.
Restrictions: Cannot be attempted while engaged by more than one foe; cannot be attempted if there is not enough space directly behind the acting character in order to make the Fighting Retreat.

The acting character tries to withdraw carefully from a combat. To attempt a Fighting Retreat make a weapon attack against the target. The target may use an available reaction to oppose the Fighting Retreat with a weapon skill. If the acting character successfully makes the weapon roll and wins any contest, it may move up to half its MOV (minimum 1m) directly away from the target. If the Fighting Retreat attempt fails, the acting character stays where it is.

Obviously this is far more difficult to accomplish than in the rules as written.
I have modified a couple of the actions.

A defend action now adds an extra reaction, with the +20% bonus still applying.

A close combat attack also allows a half move towards the opponent without triggering a free attack.

I've also added a counterstrike reaction.
I like the look of all of these options and can see them being used in our home game. I'll be suggesting these today.