Repairing high-tech ships


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So let's say you have a TL15 ship that gets heavily damaged at Junidy in the Aramis subsector of the Spinward Marches. The nearest TL15 planet is many (10+) parsecs away. What are your thoughts on repairing it, assuming you have run out of the spare parts you brought with you? Mine are as follows...
1) With a workshop and fabricator - relatively simple, acquire the raw materials and make the parts
2) With a workshop - not as simple, more time consuming but still doable to acquire the raw materials and make the parts
3) No workshop - emergency repairs only until you get back to civilization (TL 15 world). No hull points can be repaired. Critical systems will need to be replaced with locally sourced (low tech) versions.
4) Order parts and wait months or pay to have your ship hauled to Rhylanor, I guess would be other options...

Specify exactly the technological level of the component that needs to be repaired and/or replaced.

You might find out that you can get that done at a lower teched garage.
Depends on your paradigm.

According to LBB2 any A or B starport can repair any ship regardless of TL.

According to High Guard military ships can only be repaired at worlds that match their TL.

Note also that every IN base should be classed as TL15 for repair purposes.
According to LBB2 any A or B starport can repair any ship regardless of TL.

Note also that every IN base should be classed as TL15 for repair purposes.
Good point about Naval bases. It's likely to be the same for Scout bases with Scout ships.
A&B ports do a lot of business with annual maintenance and other repairs. They likely have a supply of various parts useful for such purposes. Probably at a mark up if you want to get that technical. If you are replacing an entire system because it took a "you're toast" crit, then it is probably a special order and you are gonna sit for a while waiting on the thing to be delivered.

This is one major reason that most merchant ships are TL 10 to TL12. There isn't much advantage to being TL 15 for their purposes and it complicates supply and repair.
Yes to all the alternatives, depending on circumstances:
CT TCS, p34-35:
_ _ Ships damaged in battle must be repaired. The crew can attempt some repairs in space, but permanent repairs require a starport.
_ _ Field Repairs: Any ship system not the victim of a critical hit may be repaired after battle at no cost and in no time, provided the ship's crew factor is at full level; repairs are impossible without a full crew. All systems which suffered a partial loss (loss of factors) have half their lost factors restored, rounding fractions up. Fuel tanks are restored to full capacity (although lost fuel is not replaced). Half of all batteries which were knocked out are restored to full factor, and half are restored to half factor, rounding fractions up. Crew losses may not be repaired, although many of those lost will be only wounded and will be frozen pending delivery to naval base hospitals. Critical hits (including lost armor) may not be repaired.
_ _ Breakdown: Field repairs tend to break down. Roll 8+ once a week per repaired
system for breakdown: once for each drive, screen, battery, or other system. The roll is made the first time the system is used; if it is not used roll at the end of the week. Consequences of breakdown (aside from the system not working) are up to the referee. Allowable DMs are -1 for each previous week in which the system did not break down and -2 if an entire week is spent doing nothing but repair (no jumps, battles, refueling, etc.). The best possible total DM is -3. The referee may impose additional DMs for heavy (or careful) use of the system. If a system breaks down it must be repaired again, but there are no further penalties.
_ _ Starport Repairs: Full repair may be done at any A or B starport, but j-drive repairs require double cost and time at B starports, and no starport may repair a ship system of higher tech level than the starport's tech level. Repairs require shipyard capacity equal to the ship's tonnage. Field repairs are ignored: all original combat damage must be repaired. The cost is full price of the system for a critical hit and one fourth the price of the system for other damage. Systems which were reduced to partial factor cost one fourth the full price times the percentage lost; for instance, if a level 8 meson screen were damaged to level 7, the cost of repair would be 1/4x1/8 or 1/32 the cost of a new meson screen. Repair of a destroyed fire control system (a critical hit) costs one tenth the cost of all ship batteries except the spinal mount. Crew or frozen watch casualties are replaced free at any naval base. The time required for repairs is one to four weeks for non-critical damage and four to eight weeks for critical hits.
_ _ Jump Failure: Ships unable to jump because of critical hits on their power plant, jump drive, computer, or bridge present a special problem. If the bridge or computer is out, another ship may be linked to it for jump; the linking ship must have a computer and bridge as least as large as that of the damaged ship, and linking takes one week. Both move at the jump rate of theslowest ship and maneuver is impossible while linked. Roll for breakdown of the link after every jump; repair takes another week. Ships whose power plants or j-drives have been destroyed must either be transported to a starport inside a tender or must be repaired in place. To repair a ship in place, first a message must be sent to a starport capable of repair; a new drive must be transported to the damaged ship; and it must be inserted, taking double the normal repair time (although not double cost).

No time in the text above refers to TSC Campaign turn of a week each; a few days is "no time".
The Harrier in Pirates of Drinax is TL15. The Drinax companion says that, while some systems can be replaced with conventional components, you need to find suitable materials. This is why the players are looking for Sindalian technology.
I charge extra for higher tech repair parts at lower tech star ports. Plus shipping.
I charge less for lower tech ship parts at higher tech star ports.
My players stock up at TL 14 and 15 worlds for their TL 13 ship, always keeping a few tons on hand.