repair costs?


If a ship gets damaged in a fight, the core book talks about repairing with scrap and it taking 1d hours. My players got the crap kicked out of them suffering pretty severe hull damage, minor m-drive, and lost an armor point. I am trying to figure out repair costs. They agreed this is too much for their one mechanic to handle and they wanted to just pay to have the repairs done.
They also have a second ship that has one damaged turret and another completely destroyed (I basically told them they essentially have an unused hard point there and can replace or refit based on high guard). Their sensors have a damage severity of 1.
It is just too much to fix themselves. Does anyone have any ideas of what to charge for this? Thanks in advance for your input.
For permanent repairs I would go with a percentage of the purchase price for the damaged system. For field repairs, I think one of the rule books defines spare parts as costing KCr100/ton, but the amount you need depends on the Effect of the repair roll. But I would also give the players a chance for some semi-random minor failures until they take their vessel to a shipyard. Raising the annual maintenance costs to “make things right” is a good idea too.

Or - their ship has just gained one or more continuing quirks.... :)
MgT1 TCS has repair rules:

First, ignore field repairs that you did yourself, that is just temporary patching that will break down again.

MgT1 TCS said:
Repairs to the hull, structure and armour of a ship are lengthy operations involving the replacement of entire hull plates and sections of the ship being cut away and rebuilt. The cost and time this takes is a percentage of the cost and time it originally took to build the ship, defined by the percentage of the hull, structure or armour that was damaged in combat.
For example, a 50,000 ton ship with 1,000 hull is damaged in combat, taking 300 hull damage. The hull of this ship originally cost MCr. 5,000 and took 115 weeks to build. Since 30% of the hull was damaged, 30% of the cost and time is spent repairing it, taking MCr. 1,500 and 35 weeks.

MgT1 TCS said:
Damage to systems is treated differently, as it can often be repaired much more easily than damage to the ship’s hull or inner structure. If a system has taken a single hit, then repairing it requires 10% of the cost of the original system and the time taken is equal to 5% of building a new ship of the same size. Repairing a system that has taken more than one hit but has not been destroyed or disabled, requires 50% of the cost of the original system and the time taken is equal to 15% of building a new ship of the same size. A system that has been disabled or destroyed must essentially be replaced for slightly below the cost of installing a complete new system. This requires 90% of the cost of the original system and takes 25% of the time taken to build a new ship of the same size.

When repairing multiple areas of a ship, only the longest time should be counted towards the length of repair.

Space combat is an expensive hobby...
The 2nd edition repair rules ( CRB p. 150)

Damage to a ship falls into two categories – critical hits
and hull damage.

Critical Hit: A critical hit can be jury-rigged back to use (see page 160), but will stop functioning again after
1D hours.
Properly repairing a critical hit requires not only an Engineer or Mechanic check (1D hours) but also
spare parts. The Effect of the check determines how many spare parts are required, minus the Severity of the
critical hit. Spare parts can be purchased at the cost of Cr100000 per ton and capable captains will always
ensure they carry some in reserve.

Critical Hit Repair
Engineer or Mechanic Effect Spare Parts Required
1: 1 ton
2: 0.8 tons
3: 0.6 tons
4: 0.4 tons
5: 0.2 tons
6: None

A destroyed weapon or item of equipment will need to be completely replaced, and cannot be repaired using
spare parts.

Hull Damage: Each lost Hull point can be replaced with a Routine (6+) Mechanic check (1 hour, INT or EDU),
consuming one ton of spare parts for every 10 Hull points repaired.
First, check if the party has excessive funds.

Costs given in High Guard and Core should be considered base, and campaign demand and supply environment at the local level should be considered as factors in estimates.

The way the game is structured. especially in the past with Alphabet drives, stuff like Free Trader engineering parts should be easy to obtain and most mechanics at starports should be experienced enough to easily repair or supervise replacement.

One assumes labour was included in construction costs, but labour may value itself differently while it evaluates it's customers' capacity to pay, technical knowledge, and desperation.
DickTurpin, I saw that page in the book, but it didn't really answer my question. 2 of their ships took excessive damage and they wanted to know labor costs to have them repaired. I was curious about older rules or what others had done. Spending 1d hours per hull point would likely end with an aging roll with how bad my players got chewed up out there.

I created a little system on the fly. I ended up figuring out, based on spare part cost, the extent of the repairs and adding 20%. The players said ok and we moved on. I was just curious what others have done. Thank you for your responses all.
Besides cost factors, I would advise making the repair stop a role-playing experience.

Have people ask questions about the damage. Word gets out. Maybe it's fellow starship crews who want to avoid the same kind of trouble. Maybe it's salvage people interested in the possibility of worthwhile battle debris. Maybe it's pirate hunters who want to find the aggressors and hunt them down -- or who suspect that your ship may have been the aggressor.

Include a bureaucratic adventure to get a competent repair crew that won't snoop through personal belongings left aboard the ship. Maybe you have to do some favors to get prompt service. If you're buying used parts to save on costs, are they reliable?

How much grief will the shipyard give you if some of your crew want to participate in repairs? Will they need to get a local union card?

What are you going to do while the ship is out of service? Hire on as crew for another ship? Hustle for planetside temp jobs? Join a belter crew and break rocks in vacuum? Fill in for highport to downport shuttle crews who need some vacation time? Take some classes at a local academy, dojo, mercenary base, etc.?

Also, just because the ship is out of action, the mortgage is not; you'll need to find a way to keep up in payments, even if that means going to a loan shark and later trying to settle up with them before their associates are told that it's time to break your legs. If it's a Scout ship or other extended loan ship, you may have to explain to someone how you got their valuable property beat up.