Remember the Cadyr?


Those little models that guy made for his own army. Either he got the idea from this pic, or the guy who made it stole his idea! :shock: :? very confusing (BTW, that one guy who made the cadyr, Is this how you would like to make them look?) (cadyr is on the top, far right)

Yeah that was me

A. never saw those before they are kind of nifty

B. my guys are the Cadeyr Slight spelling difference

C. No I never imagined my innocent crab people to look like that

And really no I wouldnt want them to look like that its too buggy, theyd make good 'ants' from the book armor

thanks for remembering the crab ppl
oh yeah, kinda angry 'bout this- there's an obvious Alien rip off (under the crab man) From the second film Aliens (the tubes, tail, tounge, headshape, color... nearly everything) :( :evil: