Recycled Skills


In the process of looking back at some old PARANOIA material, I've unearthed a couple of old stables in the skill department and recycled them for folk who may be new to the game - or other loyal citizens wanting to fill in a specialty slot.

Recycling Management

(You can also find earlier suggestions on new specialties right here)

Have a good festivecycle!
Thank you very much, enlightened citizen! Your clearance must be high to access such mighty files. These will be very profitable to a lowly (but happy) infrared citizen such as myself.

Good festivecycle to you too !
I like the return of Spurious Logic!

But, as a Narrow Specialty, shouldn't it only work on one specific bot? I'd argue that what you've written up is more in the lines of an Unhealthy Skill.
Anonymous said:
I like the return of Spurious Logic! But, as a Narrow Specialty, shouldn't it only work on one specific bot?
Confusing a bot does represent a narrower specialty than the more general Management specialties... and as a Gamemaster you could take the narrowing a little further.

A secret skill - I dunno. Spurious Logic represents a verbal take on Bot Programming. Bot Programming revises bot instructions, Spurious Logic confuses them (short term).
Huh. I guess I was thinking of bots as "equipment", and the rules state for equipment that narrow specialties affect "not a type of equipment, but one particular item." So I figured a Narrow Spurious Logic would be "Confuse scrubot X-23 so it doesn't clean the area." Otherwise, couldn't I make Bot Programming a Narrow Specialty applicable to all bots, to get the +6 bonus?

And yep, I'll agree w/you that Spurious Logic is a variation of Bot Programming.

Of course, each GM will decide these parameters on their own, and do what they like. And players can't complain :)
In my view Saul is correct: A specialty that applies to all bots is too broad to qualify as "narrow." I suggest a player who wants the "Spurious Logic" specialty, as defined in the original West End PARANOIA editions, should get the GM's approval and fill in one of those nice empty blanks under "Management" on the character sheet, and take it as a new common specialty.

This would be redundant with "Con Games," of course, but if you reeeally want to duplicate the old edition... Who knows, maybe the kind-hearted GM would give you a bonus!