For those of you interested in some more funky monsters for your Conan games - I recommend picking up Green Ronin's "Bastards and Bloodlines: Guidebook to Half-Breeds."

At first glance, it looks like an expansion for Half-Elves and Half-Orcs, in the vein of GR's other expansion books for core races. But it's so much cooler than that!

There are three especially useful things to mention:

The first are the pre-fab half-breed races like Green Folk (human/lizardfolk), Grendles (dwarf or human/troll), Jovians (human or orc/giant), and the Wendigo (dwaf/winter wolf).

In context, they don't really work for a Conan game, since they assume each parent race exists in significant number. For my games though, I may add some of these as either single entities or entire races (and thus would remove their status as 'half-breeds' of anything).

As a matter of fact, I'm currently DMing a game - and I'm going to throw Green Folk in as a degenerate race of men living in swampy land in Stygia.

The second useful tidbit is the half-creature (bipedal) template, which allows you to take a creature and add another creature to it. The example is a 'Polar Bugbear' (bugbear 'base creature' with polar bear 'donor' creature).

This seems like a fun template to play with for Conan's more primitive or funky man-like creatures. Crossing a dire ape, for example, with Cimmerians?

And last useful thing are the feats - there's some cool stuff in here related to being a funky creature - like a better bite attack, etc.

Anyway.. really cool stuff to play around with if you're feeling creative and want to introduce some stuff your PCs aren't expecting (since I bet they already know half the stats for many Conan monsters). It's worth getting if you've got the extra cash. Enjoy.