Really starting to bug me about Scholars


Hm, I like the idea with the Terror test also.

How about this:

Defensive Blast deals non-lethal damage instead of fire damage to all creatures in a 10ft-radius, 1D6 per PP spent.

They can take a fortitude save as usual, but they must also make a Terror test with a DC equal to 10 + half the damage dealt, or they flee in terror as described.

If a character meets the sorceror ever again and is hit by his Defensive Blast again, he must not make a terror test again, but instead he must roll against corruption (same DC) or gains an minor insanity.
If the poor soul then meets the sorceror a third time, and loses the save again, he gains a major insanity.


I just tried this terror check in place of a defensive blast last night, and it actually worked quite well. My first spell cast had 2 PC's dropping their held items and stunned in fear for a round, shaken for the rest of the combat. Then the other 3 PC's ran in to witness the next spell and they all made their saves. Having the terror check was great since everybody has pretty crappy will saves except for the scholar, who rightfully should be used to magic and thus more resistant to such attacks.

It actually made my scholar NPC a threat, as 2 PC's were out of the fight for a round, then he used hypnotic suggestion on another (great spell).

Mark Dunder

That's great news! I like that it worked. Now there is hope in following along the lines of stories I have read.

Thanks quigs for the playtest, and Baduin for working out the mechanics.

I haven't played more than a simple fight scene with this particular RPG. But my son has more interest in it, and my Talent RPG is getting more slanted towards a post holocaust world. So I may try this out sometime. If I do, it will be with lots of Scholars, particularly Priests. We shall see.

Good work!