Ranged attacks and armour piercing

Works the same as melee weapons for the most part.

Armor piercing of the bow is equal to the AP value of the weapon plus any strength bonus if using a strength bow. If it's a thrown weapon, it's the same dead as long as you are within the throwing range of the weapon. I believe STR bonus to bows is only within 30'.

Now, you can get the Ranged Finesse feat (I think it's in Across Thunder River) that will allow you to finesse past DR using a ranged weapon.
Any thrown weapon and any bow with a strength modifier, adds your strength modifer to teh AP in the same way as a melee weapon.

However, the AP modifer is reduced by 1 for every range increment.


Also note that any weapon, (melee or ranged) with an AP of zero, doesn't add the STR mod to AP, and in fact, never pierces armour.