Quick Starts and other adventure conversion query!


Picked up the pdf of the Runequest Quick start immediately looked at porting it over to Legend.

Not keen on the pre-gens but with a couple of alterations it's certainly doable and have done something similar with some Pathfinder scenarios and I got wondering.

Have you done anything like this?
Has anyone tried running the new quick start using Legend?

Currently thinking of altering it.
A renegade warrior with a grudge against the Player Character's settlement leads a group of bandits raiding their settlement, but foolishly decides to hide within the ruins of an ancient city.
Unknown to him it serves as an outpost to the nefarious Black Mountain who use their black magic to seize the renegade's loyalties and threaten to cause a war between the renegade's people and the PC's settlement weakening both enough for them to seize power.

Not sure how far I should take this but figure you might share your experiences?
I have got it but not run it yet. It is not much different to old Chaosium Runequest and has different mechanics to Legend but it would not be difficult to run the adventure with Legend or Mythras instead of these new rules. Some skills are different and weapons damages are different but nothing that you can not deal with easily. I think I would not use Glorantha though because I'm no struck on the world so I would change the pre written characters to something like Taskan Empire characters from Age of Treason.