Quick question about the Vorlon and Centauri minis....

Reborn said:
Greg Smith said:
It always amazes me that you pushed for an additional whitestar in the ISA fleet box but haven't made any whitestars.
Ten would make a round number :p

But you do get 10, original plans were for 8, I pointed out that 9 whencoupled with the 2 VCD in the box would make a perfect 5 pt War fleet. I also made a passing comment that having 10 would be a nice 5 pt Battle option. And MSprange picked up on this and thought nit would be a good idea.

As for you Greg, I did it for the benefit of all, not just myself :lol:

Reborn said:
I know it has ten, I was trying to justify you campaigning for the 10th :p

Hence my history lesson, I only campaigned for the 9th, the 10th was a surprise to me when I picked up my ISA box set at MGT.